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How to pronounce mischief (audio)


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Dictionary definition of mischief

Playful, mischievous, or harmful behavior that is intended to cause trouble, annoyance, or amusement.
"The group of friends always found themselves getting into mischief during their adventures."

Detailed meaning of mischief

It typically involves actions that are mischievous, naughty, or disobedient, often driven by a desire to explore boundaries or challenge rules. Mischief can manifest in various forms, such as practical jokes, pranks, minor acts of vandalism, or playful teasing. While it is generally considered to be lighthearted and without serious malicious intent, mischief can sometimes cross the line into harmful or destructive actions. The term "mischief" can also describe the consequences or harm caused by such behavior, as well as the general atmosphere of playful or mischievous activity. Overall, "mischief" suggests a sense of playful or mildly disruptive behavior that can bring laughter, mischief, or occasional trouble into the lives of those involved.

Example sentences containing mischief

1. The children giggled as they plotted their mischief for April Fool's Day.
2. The mischievous cat knocked over a vase, causing a bit of mischief in the living room.
3. She couldn't help but smile at her toddler's innocent mischief.
4. The mischievous glint in his eyes hinted at the trouble he was about to cause.
5. The prankster played a harmless mischief on his unsuspecting coworker.
6. The mischiefs they got up to in their youth became legendary among their friends.

History and etymology of mischief

The noun 'mischief' has its etymological roots in the Middle English word 'meschief,' which can be traced back to the Old French term 'mescief.' In turn, 'mescief' is a combination of two Old French words: 'mes,' meaning 'wrong,' and 'chief,' meaning 'head' or 'end.' This composite word suggests that 'mischief' originally referred to a wrongful or troublesome outcome or result. Over time, the term evolved to encompass the idea of playful, mischievous, or even harmful behavior that is intended to cause trouble, annoyance, or amusement. The etymology of 'mischief' thus highlights its historical association with negative consequences or outcomes, which are often the result of mischievous actions.

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Further usage examples of mischief

1. The mischievous grin on her face revealed her intentions to cause a bit of trouble.
2. The teacher tried to keep control of the class, but the students were full of mischief.
3. The mischievous duo devised a clever plan to create chaos at the school assembly.
4. The little boy's mischief led to a messy room and a time-out from his parents.
5. Their mischievous antics kept the household lively and full of laughter.
6. The children giggled as they planned their mischief in the backyard.
7. His mischievous grin hinted at the trouble he had in mind.
8. The cat's playful mischief led to a broken vase.
9. She had a talent for getting into mischief and then talking her way out of it.
10. Their mischief was all in good fun, with no harm intended.
11. The puppy's boundless energy often resulted in mischief.
12. The mischievous squirrel raided the bird feeder every morning.
13. The mischievous twinkle in his eyes revealed his playful nature.
14. A little mischief now and then keeps life interesting.
15. The mischievous prank had everyone laughing.
16. The mischievous monkey stole the tourist's hat.
17. The mischievous kitten batted at the dangling curtains.
18. Their mischief knew no bounds during the summer break.
19. The mischievous impishness of the toddler was endearing.
20. He always seemed to find himself in some sort of mischief.
21. Her mischief-making often landed her in detention.
22. The mischievous duo hatched a plan to surprise their friends.
23. The mischief caused by the storm left a trail of destruction.
24. The mischievous spirit of Halloween delighted the children.
25. Their friendship was built on a foundation of shared mischief.



naughtiness, obedience, compliance, conformity


Prefix mis-, TOEFL 5, High School 11, Comedy and Silliness

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