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How to pronounce antipathy (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'antipathy'

A deep-seated feeling of aversion or hostility towards someone or something.
"The neighboring football teams have a long-standing antipathy towards each other."

Detailed meaning of 'antipathy'

It is often accompanied by a desire to avoid or oppose the object of antipathy. Antipathy can be based on a person's personality, actions, or beliefs, and it is often characterized by negative emotions such as hatred, disgust, or contempt.

History and etymology of 'antipathy'

The noun 'antipathy' has its origins in Greek and Latin, reflecting the profound nature of aversion or hostility. It comes from the Greek word 'antipatheia,' which combines 'anti' (meaning 'against') and 'pathos' (meaning 'feeling' or 'suffering'). This combination conveys the idea of being against or opposed to a particular feeling or sentiment. The term was later adopted into Latin as 'antipathia,' preserving its original meaning. Over time, 'antipathy' came to represent a deep-seated and enduring aversion or hostility towards someone or something, emphasizing the intensity and persistence of this negative feeling. Thus, the etymology of 'antipathy' underscores the profound and long-lasting nature of the aversion it describes.

Example sentences containing 'antipathy'

1. Despite being a seasoned traveller, he displayed a fervent antipathy towards foreigners in his own country.
2. She felt strong antipathy towards antisocial behaviour.
3. He is a country boy and has an antipathy towards big cities.
4. He has a fundamental antipathy to communists.
5. She has an intense antipathy towards snakes and refuses to go near them.
6. He couldn't hide his antipathy towards his boss, and it caused tension in the workplace.
7. The two countries have a long history of antipathy towards each other.
8. Her antipathy towards her neighbor's loud music kept her awake at night.
9. He has an irrational antipathy towards people who chew loudly.
10. The political parties have a deep-seated antipathy towards each other's policies.
11. She tries to hide her antipathy towards her in-laws, but it's difficult to conceal.
12. His antipathy towards authority made it difficult for him to hold down a job.
13. The team's antipathy towards their opponents was evident in the way they played the game.
14. She has an antipathy towards anything that involves physical activity.



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