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enmity, affinity, fondness, liking



How to pronounce animus (audio)

Dictionary definition of animus

A feeling or attitude of strong dislike or hostility towards someone or something.
"She felt a deep animus towards anyone who mistreated animals."

Detailed meaning of animus

It is often used to describe feelings of hostility or resentment that are deep-seated and long-standing. Animus can also refer to a feeling of hostility or resentment that is directed towards a particular group or class of people, such as racial animus or gender animus. In psychology, animus is used to describe the masculine side of a woman's personality and in Jungian psychology, it refers to the masculine aspect of the unconscious mind. Overall, the word "animus" refers to a feeling or attitude of strong dislike, hostility or enmity towards someone or something. It is often used to describe deep-seated and long-standing feelings or attitudes.

Example sentences of animus

1. His animus towards his former friend was palpable.
2. The political candidates exchanged animus during the debate.
3. His animus towards authority figures was a result of his troubled childhood.
4. The company's animus towards unions was evident in their bargaining tactics.
5. His animus towards his ex-girlfriend was fueled by jealousy and insecurity.
6. The team's animus towards their opponents was evident in their aggressive playing style.

History and etymology of animus

The noun 'animus' has a Latin origin and embodies the concept of a strong, often hostile, attitude or feeling. It stems from the Latin word 'animus,' which means 'soul,' 'mind,' or 'spirit.' 'Animus' is also associated with emotions and feelings, including anger and hostility. In the context of 'animus' as a noun, it refers to a deeply ingrained mental disposition or attitude marked by intense dislike or hostility towards someone or something. The etymology of 'animus' highlights its connection to the inner workings of the human psyche, where emotions and attitudes can shape our perceptions and interactions with others, giving rise to strong negative sentiments.

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Further usage examples of animus

1. The animus between the two rival gangs led to frequent violence.
2. Her animus towards her boss was a result of his constant micromanagement.
3. The author's animus towards the government was evident in his writing.
4. The animus between the two siblings was a result of years of unresolved conflicts.
5. The animus between the two countries had been simmering for years and finally erupted into war.
6. Their animus towards each other was evident in their heated arguments.
7. The political debate was characterized by deep animus between the candidates.
8. She couldn't hide her animus towards the unfair treatment.
9. The longstanding animus between the rival gangs led to violence.
10. The employee's animus towards the boss was well-known in the office.
11. The animus between the neighboring nations threatened peace.
12. The online comments were filled with animus towards the controversial decision.
13. The dispute had created a lasting animus among family members.
14. The animus towards the new policy was palpable among employees.
15. The feud was fueled by an enduring animus between the families.
16. The animus in the courtroom was apparent during the trial.
17. The politician's animus towards the media was evident in his statements.
18. The animus between coworkers affected the office's atmosphere.
19. The social media post received an outpouring of animus from critics.
20. The student's animus towards the teacher affected their performance.
21. The animus between the fans of rival sports teams was intense.
22. The animus towards outsiders was deeply ingrained in the community.
23. The animus between the leaders hindered diplomatic efforts.
24. The dispute left a lingering animus between business partners.
25. The animus towards change was a barrier to progress in the organization.


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