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How to pronounce apiary (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'apiary'

A place where bees are kept and raised for their honey and other products.
"The beekeeper tended to his apiary to ensure a bountiful honey harvest."

Detailed Meaning of 'apiary'

It is essentially a type of farm or facility that is dedicated to beekeeping and the production of honey and other bee-related goods. Apiaries can range in size from small-scale operations kept by individuals in their backyard, to large commercial facilities with hundreds or thousands of hives. The word "apiary" comes from the Latin word for "bees," and it is used to describe a specific location or area where bees are kept and managed. Typically, an apiary will have several hives or colonies of bees, which are tended to by beekeepers who monitor their health and productivity. In addition to honey, apiaries can also produce beeswax, propolis, royal jelly, and other bee-related products.

History and Etymology of 'apiary'

The noun 'apiary' finds its etymological roots in the Latin word 'apis,' which means 'bee.' It is connected to the concept of beekeeping, as it refers to a place or location specifically designed for keeping and raising bees for their honey and other products. The term 'apiary' itself entered the English language in the 17th century, and its Latin origin highlights its primary focus on these industrious insects. So, when you think of an 'apiary,' you're essentially envisioning a place dedicated to the cultivation and care of these remarkable creatures, alluding to its Latin origin, 'apis.'

Examples of 'apiary' in a Sentence

1. The sweet aroma of honey wafts from the bustling apiary.
2. The apiary's honeycombs are a testament to nature's precision.
3. An apiary is a fascinating place to observe the bee's intricate dance.
4. The apiary's honey is sold at the local farmers' market.
5. Beekeeping in the apiary is a labor of love.
6. The apiary's bees work tirelessly to create liquid gold.
7. The apiary provides a sanctuary for bees in a changing world.
8. He established the apiary to promote bee conservation.
9. The apiary's honey is harvested and jarred with care.
10. Beehives in the apiary are well-maintained for optimal productivity.
11. The apiary's bees are a crucial link in the ecosystem.
12. The apiary's honey is a sweet gift from nature.
13. The apiary's bees are busy pollinating nearby crops.
14. The apiary's beekeeper is passionate about sustainable practices.
15. The apiary's buzzing inhabitants inspire awe and wonder.
16. The apiary is a peaceful place to reflect on the wonders of nature.
17. Beekeeping in the apiary is a time-honored tradition.
18. The apiary's honey is cherished by locals and tourists alike.
19. The apiary is a small but vital part of our agricultural landscape.





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