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How to pronounce appendix (audio)


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Dictionary definition of appendix

A section or table of subsidiary material found at the end of a book or document.
"The user manual included an appendix with troubleshooting tips and frequently asked questions."

Detailed meaning of appendix

It typically contains supplementary information, charts, graphs, references, or supporting data that provide additional context or detail to the main text. Additionally, "appendix" can describe a supplementary part or attachment to a larger structure or organization. In this sense, an appendix could be an extension, addendum, or an auxiliary component that complements the primary entity. "Appendix" can refer to a small, tubular organ attached to the large intestine in the human body. While its exact function is not fully understood, it may contribute to the immune system and gut health. Appendicitis, the inflammation of this organ, often requires surgical removal. Overall, "appendix" refers to an anatomical organ, a section in a book or document, or a supplementary element associated with a larger entity.

Example sentences containing appendix

1. The book’s rich appendix offers tables and insights that elucidate key points.
2. An appendix in Jane's thesis illuminated the data, clarifying complex concepts.
3. Check the appendix for a comprehensive breakdown of each character’s background.
4. A detailed appendix at the book's end provides an extensive glossary of terms.
5. For a nuanced exploration of the novel’s themes, the appendix is indispensable.
6. Tom relied on the appendix to grasp the intricate systems illustrated in the text.

History and etymology of appendix

The noun 'appendix' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'appendix,' which means 'an addition' or 'a supplement.' In Latin, 'appendix' referred to something attached or added at the end of a text or document. This sense of supplementary material or an addition was carried into English, where it came to denote a section or table of subsidiary information found at the end of a book or document. The term 'appendix' underscores its role as an additional and often helpful resource that complements the main content, offering readers additional information, references, or data for further exploration or understanding.

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Further usage examples of appendix

1. Each chapter is succinctly summarized and expanded upon in the appendix.
2. A meticulous appendix, filled with data, supported the author’s assertions.
3. For additional insights and a deeper understanding, refer to the appendix.
4. The appendix sheds light on methods used, offering clarity to curious readers.
5. Complicated theories are made accessible in the appendix through clear diagrams.
6. Students often find the appendix to be a valuable resource for exam preparation.
7. Researchers will appreciate the appendix for its wealth of supplemental data.
8. The elaborate appendix serves as a reservoir of supplementary material.
9. A plethora of charts in the appendix visually represent the covered concepts.
10. The book’s appendix is a treasure trove of additional insights and explanations.
11. To fully comprehend the narrative's depth, one must delve into the appendix.
12. In the appendix, readers discover enhanced explanations and pivotal clarifications.
13. The author’s arguments are fortified by the comprehensive data in the appendix.
14. Nestled at the book’s end, the appendix provides a deep dive into core themes.
15. The research paper included an extensive appendix containing survey results and statistical analysis.
16. The author provided an appendix with a glossary of terms to assist readers in understanding complex concepts.
17. The textbook's appendix featured a comprehensive timeline of historical events.
18. The report concluded with an appendix listing all the references and sources cited throughout.
19. The appendix provided in-depth case studies to illustrate the concepts discussed in the book.
20. The financial report featured an appendix showcasing detailed financial statements and balance sheets.
21. The thesis included an appendix with raw data, allowing readers to verify the research findings.
22. The travel guide's appendix contained useful maps and city guides for reference.
23. The cookbook's appendix included bonus recipes and cooking techniques for adventurous home chefs.
24. The annual report included an appendix with charts and graphs illustrating the company's financial performance.
25. The dissertation's appendix presented additional charts, diagrams, and supporting evidence for further analysis.



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