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How to pronounce arable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of arable

Suitable for farming and capable of being cultivated to grow crops.
"The farmer cultivated the arable land to grow a variety of crops."

Detailed meaning of arable

When applied to a piece of land, it signifies its potential for agriculture, highlighting its fertility and ability to support the growth of various crops like grains, vegetables, or fruits. Arable land is typically well-drained, has adequate nutrients, and is often plowed or tilled to prepare it for planting and harvesting. This term underscores the significance of such land in food production and agriculture, as arable soil is a valuable resource for sustaining crop yields and meeting the nutritional needs of human populations. It is a fundamental element of agricultural practices worldwide, playing a crucial role in global food supply and the livelihoods of farming communities.

Example sentences containing arable

1. The fertile plains are arable, making them ideal for agriculture.
2. Farmers rotate crops to maintain arable land quality.
3. Arable soil is a valuable resource for food production.
4. The region's arable fields yield bountiful harvests.
5. Sustainable farming practices preserve arable land.
6. The arable land is irrigated for optimal crop growth.

History and etymology of arable

The adjective 'arable' has its roots in Latin, specifically from the Latin word 'arabilis,' which means 'fit for plowing' or 'suitable for cultivation.' It originates from the verb 'arare,' meaning 'to plow.' The term 'arable' made its way into English in the late Middle Ages, retaining its fundamental meaning of land that is suitable for farming and growing crops. When we describe land as 'arable,' we are essentially harkening back to its Latin origins, emphasizing its fertility and suitability for agricultural purposes, with a direct connection to the act of plowing, as implied by its etymology.

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Further usage examples of arable

1. Arable farmland stretches as far as the eye can see.
2. Precision agriculture maximizes yields on arable acres.
3. Arable land is a cornerstone of our food supply.
4. Crop rotation sustains arable fields for generations.
5. Arable regions are vital for global food security.
6. The arable plains are dotted with thriving farms.
7. Modern technology enhances productivity on arable land.
8. Arable land is a precious asset for rural communities.
9. These arable acres produce a variety of crops.
10. Sustainable agriculture safeguards arable soil health.
11. Farmers invest in arable soil conservation efforts.
12. The government promotes responsible use of arable land.
13. The arable landscape changes with each growing season.
14. Arable regions are essential for economic stability.
15. Arable fields are a testament to human ingenuity.
16. Communities thrive where arable land is abundant.
17. Protecting arable soil is a shared responsibility.
18. Organic farming practices enrich arable soil.
19. Innovation in agriculture sustains arable resources.



cultivable, barren, infertile, sterile


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