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How to pronounce armory (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'armory'

A place or facility where weapons, ammunition, and other military equipment are stored, maintained, and issued.
"The police officers checked their gear at the armory before heading out on patrol."

Detailed Meaning of 'armory'

It serves as a central repository or warehouse for a military or security organization to store and organize its armaments. In this sense, armory represents a secure and controlled environment for the storage and management of weaponry and related supplies. Secondly, armory can refer to a collection or display of weapons, often found in museums or historical institutions. It signifies an exhibition of historical, cultural, or significant firearms and military artifacts. Additionally, armory can denote a collection or assortment of tools, resources, or capabilities available to someone or a group to achieve a specific purpose. It implies having a range of options or resources at one's disposal. Overall, armory conveys the notions of a storage facility for weapons, a display of historical artifacts, and a collection of resources or capabilities depending on the specific context in which it is used.

History and Etymology of 'armory'

The noun 'armory' has its etymological roots in the Middle English word 'armorie,' which was derived from the Old French term 'armoire,' meaning 'armor' or 'a place to store arms and armor.' 'Armoire' itself can be traced back to the Latin word 'arma,' which signifies 'weapons' or 'armor.' In medieval times, an 'armory' was a place or facility where weapons, armor, and other military equipment were stored, maintained, and issued to soldiers. This term reflects the importance of organized and secure storage of weaponry in times of conflict. As language evolved, 'armory' expanded its meaning to encompass not just armor but all types of military equipment. Therefore, the etymology of 'armory' illustrates its historical connection to the storage and maintenance of essential military gear, emphasizing its role in maintaining the readiness and effectiveness of armed forces.

Examples of 'armory' in a Sentence

1. An impenetrable armory stood, guarding the kingdom's most dangerous weapons.
2. Abandoned and forgotten, the armory slept, veiled in nature’s embrace.
3. Inside the armory, rows of weaponry gleamed, ready for combat.
4. Ghosts of warriors past were rumored to haunt the ancient armory.
5. A soldier’s haven, the armory was stocked with tools of victory.
6. Each weapon in the armory told tales of battles won and lost.
7. Faint murmurs of war echoed in the silence of the empty armory.
8. Nestled in the mountains, the armory hid the art of ancient warfare.
9. History lived in the armory, where weapons of old rested, untouched.
10. Among ruins, an ancient armory revealed secrets of a fallen empire.
11. The general’s secrets lay hidden within the depths of the armory.
12. Amidst chaos, the armory stood unyielding, a sanctuary of power.
13. Worn by time, the armory held weapons bearing marks of valor.
14. Guarded secrets and silent echoes filled the cavernous, stone armory.
15. The soldiers marched into the armory to retrieve their rifles and ammunition.
16. The armory was heavily guarded to protect the valuable weapons and equipment stored inside.
17. The museum's armory showcased an impressive collection of medieval swords and armor.
18. The historical society displayed an array of Revolutionary War muskets in their armory exhibit.
19. The armory was equipped with advanced security systems to prevent unauthorized access.
20. The armory stored an extensive range of firearms, from pistols to heavy machine guns.
21. The art gallery transformed an old armory into a unique exhibition space for contemporary artwork.
22. The armory provided training facilities for law enforcement personnel to practice tactical maneuvers.
23. The armory served as a vital supply hub during times of war, ensuring troops were well-equipped.
24. The city's armory held regular firearm safety classes for responsible gun ownership.
25. The armory's inventory included a diverse selection of ammunition types to meet various needs.





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