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How to pronounce ashamed (audio)

Dictionary definition of ashamed

Deep regret, guilt, or embarrassment resulting from one's actions, words, or perceived shortcomings.
"He felt ashamed when he realized he had lied to his parents."

Detailed meaning of ashamed

When someone feels ashamed, they experience a sense of discomfort or distress due to a belief that they have acted inappropriately, violated societal norms, or fallen short of their own standards or expectations. It is an internal emotional response that often arises from a recognition of one's mistakes, moral lapses, or perceived inadequacies. Ashamed individuals may exhibit signs of lowered self-esteem, avoidance of social situations, or a desire to hide their perceived faults or failures. The feeling of shame can be a powerful motivator for self-reflection, growth, and the development of moral consciousness. However, excessive or persistent feelings of shame can be detrimental to one's mental well-being and can hinder personal growth. It is important to address and process feelings of shame in a healthy and compassionate manner, fostering self-acceptance and learning from past experiences.

Example sentences containing ashamed

1. She felt deeply ashamed of her dishonesty and couldn't look anyone in the eye.
2. He was ashamed of his outburst, regretting his harsh words instantly.
3. Sarah blushed, ashamed of her clumsy stumble in front of the crowd.
4. Tom couldn't help but feel ashamed of his failure to meet the deadline.
5. Maria was ashamed of her selfishness when she saw the needy children.
6. His ashamed face revealed his remorse for betraying his friend.

History and etymology of ashamed

The adjective 'ashamed' has an etymology rooted in Old English. It can be traced back to the word 'ashamian,' which meant 'to feel shame or disgrace.' In Old English, 'ashamian' was a combination of 'a-' (a prefix signifying 'on' or 'in') and 'scamian,' meaning 'to feel shame.' The word 'scamian' has its origins in the Proto-Germanic 'skaman,' which is related to feelings of disgrace and embarrassment. Therefore, 'ashamed' carries the historical connotation of experiencing deep regret, guilt, or embarrassment as a result of one's actions, words, or perceived shortcomings. This etymology underscores the emotional complexity and universality of human experiences related to feelings of shame and remorse.

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Further usage examples of ashamed

1. Jenna felt ashamed for not keeping her promises to her loved ones.
2. Mark looked down, ashamed of his inability to control his anger.
3. They were ashamed of their prejudice and vowed to change their views.
4. Karen's actions left her deeply ashamed and seeking forgiveness.
5. After the lie was exposed, he was ashamed of his dishonesty.
6. She was ashamed of her inability to stand up for herself.
7. Seeing the littered park made him feel deeply ashamed of his community.
8. He felt ashamed of his laziness as he watched his friends succeed.
9. The student was ashamed of cheating on the exam and faced consequences.
10. Emily was ashamed of her lack of empathy towards her coworker.
11. John's remorseful letter expressed how deeply ashamed he was of his mistake.
12. Jenny was ashamed of her ignorance about the important issue.
13. Peter's actions left him feeling deeply ashamed of his choices.
14. They were ashamed of their rude behavior at the restaurant.
15. She felt ashamed of her actions and apologized to her friend.
16. He couldn't bear to look his parents in the eye, so ashamed was he of his failure.
17. The student was ashamed of cheating on the exam and vowed never to do it again.
18. She blushed, feeling ashamed as everyone stared at her clumsy mistake.
19. He was ashamed of his past behavior and sought redemption through positive actions.
20. The politician was deeply ashamed of the scandal that tarnished his reputation.
21. The child's ashamed face showed remorse for breaking the vase.
22. They were ashamed to admit their ignorance and pretended to understand.
23. Despite his achievements, he always felt ashamed of his humble background.
24. The employee was ashamed of his careless mistake and took full responsibility for it.
25. She felt ashamed when she realized she had hurt her friend's feelings with her thoughtless comment.
26. The actor was ashamed of his poor performance and vowed to work harder in the future.



embarrassed, proud, unashamed, confident


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