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How to pronounce asphyxiate (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'asphyxiate'

To suffocate or be deprived of oxygen, leading to unconsciousness or death.
"The toxic gas was known to asphyxiate those who breathed it in."

Detailed meaning of 'asphyxiate'

This can occur when the airway is obstructed or when oxygen levels are depleted, either due to environmental factors or other causes. When someone is asphyxiated, they are typically unable to breathe and may experience symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, or loss of consciousness. This can lead to serious health complications or even death if not treated promptly. The word "asphyxiate" is often used in the context of accidents or emergencies where someone is trapped in an environment with low oxygen levels or toxic gases. It implies a sense of urgency and danger and is often used in formal or technical contexts.

History and etymology of 'asphyxiate'

The verb 'asphyxiate' has its etymological origins in the Greek word 'asphyxiā,' which means 'stopping of the pulse' or 'cessation of the heartbeat.' 'Asphyxiate' refers to the act of suffocating or being deprived of oxygen to the extent that it leads to unconsciousness or death. The term embodies the concept of a life-threatening condition where the normal intake of oxygen is interrupted, resulting in severe respiratory distress. 'Asphyxiate' is a word that underscores the critical importance of oxygen for sustaining life and highlights the dire consequences that occur when the body's oxygen supply is compromised. It reflects the human understanding of the vital role of oxygen in our existence and the potential dangers associated with its deprivation.

Example sentences containing 'asphyxiate'

1. Plastic bags can be dangerous for small children who may asphyxiate if they put them over their heads.
2. You could potentially asphyxiate if you're caught in a room filled with smoke from a fire.
3. Without a proper air supply, an astronaut could asphyxiate in space.
4. Divers who stay underwater too long without an oxygen source may asphyxiate.
5. An avalanche survivor could asphyxiate if not rescued quickly due to the lack of air supply.
6. In a sealed room, a person could asphyxiate if the oxygen runs out.
7. Incorrect use of a gas heater in a small room could asphyxiate those inside.
8. In a submarine, if the air recycling system fails, the crew could asphyxiate.
9. The excessive carbon monoxide in the garage can asphyxiate you if you stay there too long.
10. Choking on a small object can asphyxiate a toddler, so always keep such things out of their reach.
11. Too much inhalation of toxic fumes can asphyxiate a person.
12. If a scuba diver's oxygen tank fails, they could asphyxiate before reaching the surface.
13. In high altitudes, without supplemental oxygen, climbers can asphyxiate due to low oxygen levels.
14. Being trapped in a sinking car could asphyxiate you if you can't escape in time.



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