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How to pronounce attest (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'attest'

To provide evidence or testimony to confirm the truth or accuracy of something.
"The inspection report will attest to the safety of the building."

Detailed Meaning of 'attest'

When someone attests to something, they are affirming that it is true or valid based on their personal knowledge or experience. This can involve providing a written or spoken statement, or participating in a formal process such as signing a legal document or testifying in court. Attesting can also involve providing proof of one's identity, qualifications, or competence. In general, the act of attesting is a way to establish credibility and reliability, and is often used in formal or legal contexts where accuracy and trustworthiness are essential.

History and Etymology of 'attest'

The verb 'attest' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'attestari,' which is a combination of 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'testari,' meaning 'to bear witness' or 'to testify.' In essence, 'attest' originally meant 'to testify to' or 'to bear witness to.' In English, it is used to describe the act of providing evidence or testimony to confirm the truth or accuracy of something. When someone attests to a fact or statement, they are essentially vouching for its authenticity or validity based on their own observation or knowledge. The etymology of 'attest' underscores its connection to the act of bearing witness and providing testimony, emphasizing the role of individuals in confirming the veracity of information or claims.

Examples of 'attest' in a Sentence

1. The testimonials from satisfied customers attest to the quality of the product.
2. The archaeological findings attest to the existence of ancient civilizations.
3. The fingerprints on the weapon will attest to the suspect's involvement.
4. The certificate will attest to the completion of the training course.
5. The employee's performance evaluation will attest to their work ethic.
6. The survey results will attest to the public's opinion on the matter.
7. The DNA evidence will attest to the suspect's presence at the crime scene.
8. The official records will attest to the accuracy of the information.
9. The witness's sworn statement will attest to the events that took place.
10. The expert's report will attest to the validity of the scientific findings.
11. The test results will attest to the patient's medical condition.
12. The photograph will attest to the occurrence of the event.
13. The review from the reputable source will attest to the quality of the book.
14. I can attest to her exceptional dedication to the project.
15. Numerous witnesses will attest to the accident's details.
16. The official report will attest to the company's compliance.
17. He can attest firsthand to the effectiveness of the treatment.
18. We have documents that attest to the property's ownership.
19. Colleagues will gladly attest to his problem-solving skills.
20. The data collected will attest to the experiment's success.
21. Witnesses will attest that the defendant was not present.
22. I can personally attest to the quality of their products.
23. Records from that era attest to their close friendship.
24. The signed contract will officially attest to our agreement.





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