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outlook, indifference, disinterest, apathy



How to pronounce attitude (audio)

Dictionary definition of attitude

A person's outlook, perspective, or disposition towards something or someone.
"The athlete's determined attitude propelled them to achieve great success."

Detailed meaning of attitude

It encompasses a set of beliefs, opinions, emotions, and behavioral tendencies that shape how individuals perceive and respond to situations, people, or events. Attitude reflects an individual's mindset, values, and overall approach to life. It can manifest as positive or negative, influencing one's thoughts, feelings, and actions. Attitude is not only about what one thinks but also how they express and embody those thoughts and beliefs. It can determine a person's behavior, motivation, and willingness to engage with others or undertake certain tasks. Attitude plays a significant role in shaping one's overall demeanor, interactions, and overall satisfaction in life. It can be influenced by personal experiences, upbringing, social environment, culture, and personal values. Attitude is a complex psychological construct that impacts various aspects of life, including relationships, work performance, and overall well-being.

Example sentences of attitude

1. Her positive attitude is contagious and uplifts those around her.
2. His arrogant attitude often creates conflicts with others.
3. The teacher praised the student's respectful attitude towards classmates.
4. She approached the challenge with a can-do attitude.
5. The company values employees with a proactive and solution-oriented attitude.
6. His negative attitude towards change hindered his personal growth.

History and etymology of attitude

The noun 'attitude' finds its etymological roots in the Italian word 'attitudine,' which originally referred to one's posture or physical stance. This Italian term, in turn, is derived from the Latin word 'aptitudo,' meaning 'fitness' or 'aptitude.' The transition from a physical stance to a mental disposition occurred as 'attitude' made its way into French, where it took on the sense of one's mental outlook or disposition towards something. In Middle English, it adopted this meaning, and 'attitude' came to represent a person's perspective, feelings, or disposition towards a particular subject, person, or situation. The etymology of 'attitude' highlights its transformation from a physical posture to a psychological disposition, emphasizing how one's mental stance can be as important as their physical one in defining their outlook on life.

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Further usage examples of attitude

1. The team's cooperative attitude led to a harmonious and productive work environment.
2. The customer's demanding attitude made it difficult to satisfy their expectations.
3. She displayed a humble attitude despite her remarkable achievements.
4. The politician's charismatic attitude resonated with the voters.
5. The student's apathetic attitude towards learning affected their academic performance.
6. Her positive attitude always brightens the room.
7. His attitude towards challenges is admirable.
8. A good attitude can make a big difference.
9. She has a no-nonsense attitude at work.
10. His attitude towards learning is enthusiastic.
11. The team's attitude led to their victory.
12. Adjusting your attitude can change your day.
13. A confident attitude can boost self-esteem.
14. Their attitude toward the project was optimistic.
15. A flexible attitude helps in adapting to change.
16. She maintained a professional attitude under pressure.
17. His attitude towards helping others is commendable.
18. Attitude reflects one's inner thoughts.
19. The company promotes a customer-centric attitude.
20. Her attitude towards life is full of gratitude.
21. A negative attitude can be contagious.
22. Developing a growth mindset is about attitude.
23. His carefree attitude can be refreshing.
24. Attitude shapes how we experience the world.
25. Her attitude towards challenges is fearless.



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