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accessible, unavailable, inaccessible, occupied



How to pronounce available (audio)

Dictionary definition of available

Accessible, obtainable, or ready for use or acquisition.
"Fresh produce is now available at the local farmer's market."

Detailed meaning of available

When something is deemed available, it means that it is present, accessible, or within reach, and can be utilized or obtained by individuals. It suggests that the item or resource is in a state of readiness or has been made conveniently accessible for use or acquisition. This could refer to a wide range of things, such as products, services, information, opportunities, or even people. The availability of something implies that it is not restricted or inaccessible, but rather within the realm of possibility or within one's grasp. It signifies that the item or resource is currently not in use or occupied, or that it has been intentionally made accessible for others to utilize or obtain.

Example sentences of available

1. Is the new software update available for download?
2. The meeting room is available for booking this afternoon.
3. I have a few time slots available for a phone call tomorrow.
4. Are there any seats available for tonight's performance?
5. The information you need is available on our website.
6. The hotel has a limited number of rooms available for the weekend.

History and etymology of available

The adjective 'available' derives from the Latin word 'disponibilis,' which is a combination of 'disponere,' meaning 'to arrange' or 'to make ready,' and the suffix '-ibilis,' denoting capability or possibility. In Latin, 'disponibilis' referred to something that was prepared, accessible, or at one's disposal. This concept of readiness and accessibility persisted as the term evolved into Old French as 'disponible.' When it was adopted into Middle English, it became 'available,' retaining its sense of something being accessible, obtainable, or ready for use or acquisition. The etymology of 'available' emphasizes its connection to readiness and accessibility, highlighting the idea that something is within reach or at one's disposal.

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Further usage examples of available

1. Is there an available parking spot near the entrance?
2. The book you requested is currently available at the library.
3. The sales representative will be available to assist you shortly.
4. We have various job positions available within our company.
5. The tickets for the concert are selling fast, but there are still some available.
6. Is the manager available for a quick meeting?
7. Fresh produce is available at the local market.
8. Tickets for the concert are still available online.
9. The hotel room is available for your desired dates.
10. Are there any time slots available for a reservation?
11. The job opening is available on the company website.
12. Free Wi-Fi is available in the cafe.
13. The book is available in both print and digital formats.
14. Limited parking spaces are available in the lot.
15. There are various courses available at the university.
16. Are there any discounts available for this product?
17. Emergency assistance is available 24/7.
18. The information is readily available on the website.
19. Is childcare available at the event?
20. The apartment is available for rent starting next month.
21. Freshly baked bread is available at the bakery.
22. The vaccine appointment slots are available now.
23. The product is available in different colors.
24. The available options cater to various preferences.



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