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How to pronounce background (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'background'

The environment, circumstances, or conditions against which something or someone exists or operates.
"He has an impressive academic background with multiple degrees in engineering."

Detailed meaning of 'background'

It encompasses the social, cultural, or historical context that shapes and influences a particular situation or individual. Secondly, "background" can describe a person's personal history, experiences, or qualifications that contribute to their overall character or competence. It pertains to the knowledge, skills, or expertise one possesses, often relevant to a specific field or profession. Thirdly, "background" can denote the visual or auditory aspects that form the setting or atmosphere of a particular scene, event, or artwork. In this sense, it refers to the backdrop against which the main focus or subject is presented. Additionally, "background" can also represent the less prominent or noticeable aspects of a situation or story that provide additional context or detail. Lastly, in computer technology, "background" refers to the processes or tasks that operate unseen or unnoticed while other activities are in the foreground. Overall, "background" encompasses the broader context, personal history, setting, supporting details, and underlying processes that contribute to a complete understanding of a situation, person, or artwork.

History and etymology of 'background'

The noun 'background' finds its etymological roots in the combination of two words: 'back' and 'ground.' 'Back' here refers to the rear part or space behind something, while 'ground' pertains to the surface or area upon which something stands or exists. The word 'background' emerged in the late 17th century and was initially used in the context of painting to describe the scenery or setting behind the main subject. Over time, it evolved to encompass the broader sense of the environment, circumstances, or conditions against which something or someone exists or operates. 'Background' emphasizes the idea of the context in which something takes place, highlighting the importance of what lies behind or surrounds a given situation, person, or thing.

Example sentences containing 'background'

1. The detective examined the suspect's background to gather clues about their motive.
2. The company conducted background checks on potential employees to ensure safety and security.
3. The photographer captured the couple's romantic moment with a beautiful sunset in the background.
4. The teacher used a colorful poster as a background to display important information.
5. The conversation was interrupted by the noise in the background, making it hard to focus.
6. Her diverse background made her a valuable addition to the team.
7. The city's background noise was a constant hum in the background.
8. He came from a disadvantaged background but achieved great success.
9. The candidate's background check revealed a spotless record.
10. The movie's stunning background scenery added to its beauty.
11. A strong educational background is crucial for career advancement.
12. The musician's background in jazz influenced her style.
13. The stormy background sky set a dramatic tone for the photo.
14. The software runs smoothly in the background of your computer.
15. His background in psychology helped him understand human behavior.
16. The detective investigated the suspect's criminal background.
17. The painting's background colors complemented the main subject.
18. Her background as a chef gave her an edge in the culinary world.
19. The program's background music created a relaxing atmosphere.
20. The historical background of the novel was meticulously researched.
21. She had a troubled background but turned her life around.
22. The company's success is rooted in its strong financial background.
23. The background noise in the café made it hard to concentrate.
24. The mountain's background scenery was breathtaking.
25. Understanding the cultural background is key to effective communication.



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