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How to pronounce bedeck (audio)


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Dictionary definition of bedeck

To adorn or decorate something or someone elaborately, often with a variety of decorative elements.
"The Christmas tree was bedecked with colorful ornaments and twinkling lights."

Detailed meaning of bedeck

When you bedeck something, you embellish it with ornaments, ornaments, or accessories, aiming to create a visually striking or impressive appearance. It involves the act of adding adornments or decorative items in a way that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. Bedecking can be applied to various objects, such as a room, a Christmas tree, a wedding venue, or even oneself, through the use of jewelry, clothing, or accessories. The purpose of bedecking is to create a sense of grandeur, festivity, or beauty, often associated with special occasions, celebrations, or a desire to create a visually stunning atmosphere. Whether it's hanging sparkling lights, draping elegant fabrics, or adorning with flowers, bedecking is a means of transforming something into a visually captivating spectacle.

Example sentences containing bedeck

1. The bride will bedeck herself with jewels on her wedding day.
2. To celebrate the festival, the townspeople will bedeck their homes with flowers.
3. For the gala, they will bedeck the hall with satin drapes and crystal chandeliers.
4. The baker will bedeck the cake with colorful icing and decorative elements.
5. The fashion designer will bedeck his creations with intricate embroideries.
6. On Christmas eve, families will bedeck their trees with ornaments and lights.

History and etymology of bedeck

The verb 'bedeck' has its roots in Middle English, where it was originally spelled as 'bedeken.' This Middle English term can be traced back to the Old English word 'bedeccan,' which was a combination of 'be-' and 'deccan.' The prefix 'be-' often indicated completeness or intensity, while 'deccan' meant 'to cover' or 'to deck.' Therefore, 'bedeccan' conveyed the idea of fully covering or adorning something. Over time, as the English language evolved, 'bedeck' emerged, retaining the sense of elaborately decorating or adorning something or someone. So, the etymology of 'bedeck' underscores its historical connection to the act of embellishing or ornamenting with various decorative elements, reflecting the idea of thorough decoration and adornment.

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Further usage examples of bedeck

1. She will bedeck the gift box with ribbons and bows before giving it to her friend.
2. The event planner will bedeck the party venue with balloons and streamers.
3. To honor their god, the worshippers will bedeck the temple with garlands.
4. For the movie premiere, they will bedeck the theatre with posters and red carpets.
5. The gardener will bedeck the gazebo with hanging pots of vibrant flowers.
6. The sailors will bedeck the ship with flags for the naval parade.
7. She will bedeck the living room with photographs and art pieces.
8. The stylist will bedeck the model with accessories for the photoshoot.
9. At the carnival, they will bedeck the floats with feathers and beads.
10. The hotel staff will bedeck the banquet hall with candles and table settings.
11. During the graduation ceremony, they will bedeck the stage with banners and flowers.
12. The craftsman will bedeck the crown with precious gems for the queen.
13. The children will bedeck the classroom with their artwork for the open house.
14. For the wedding, they will bedeck the archway with roses and greenery.



embellish, strip, undecorate, bare


Prefix be-, High School 19, SAT 1 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Aesthetic and Appearance

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