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embellish, strip, bare, undecorate



How to pronounce adorn (audio)

Dictionary definition of adorn

To decorate or embellish something, typically for aesthetic purposes.
"The baker will adorn the cake with edible flowers and delicate icing patterns."

Detailed meaning of adorn

When something is adorned, it is made more attractive or beautiful by the addition of decorative elements. This can include adding ornaments, jewels, or other embellishments to clothing or accessories, or using decorative features to enhance the appearance of furniture, buildings, or outdoor spaces. The term can also refer to adding finishing touches to something, such as adding a ribbon or bow to a gift. In general, 'adorn' implies the act of enhancing something by adding visual or decorative elements to it, with the intention of making it more appealing or attractive to the eye.

Example sentences of adorn

1. The wreaths of flowers that adorn the front door make the house look so welcoming.
2. To celebrate the festival, people adorn their homes with colorful decorations.
3. The traditional dress she wore was simple, but she chose to adorn it with intricate embroidery.
4. The tables at the reception will adorn with candles and rose petals to create a romantic ambiance.
5. Jewelry and accessories are used to adorn the bride on her special day.
6. Artists often adorn their paintings with intricate details to make them more visually appealing.

History and etymology of adorn

The verb 'adorn' traces its etymological roots to the Latin word 'adornare,' which means 'to equip' or 'to furnish.' In Latin, 'ad' means 'to' or 'for,' and 'ornare' means 'to decorate' or 'to embellish.' As it transitioned into Old French, it evolved into 'aourner' and later 'adourner,' before becoming 'adorn' in Middle English. The word 'adorn' encapsulates the act of enhancing the beauty or appeal of something by decorating or embellishing it, typically for aesthetic purposes. Whether it's clothing, a room, or an object, 'adorn' implies the addition of ornaments, embellishments, or decorative elements to enhance its visual attractiveness or significance.

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Further usage examples of adorn

1. The head chef decided to adorn the dishes with edible flowers for a touch of elegance.
2. During the holidays, the streets of the city adorn with lights and decorations to spread cheer.
3. The garden was plain until they decided to adorn it with various sculptures and water features.
4. Children often adorn their notebooks and belongings with stickers and doodles.
5. The decision to adorn the walls with family photos made the house feel more like home.
6. As part of the renovation, they decided to adorn the living room with modern artwork.
7. The cake was delicious, but the chef chose to adorn it with colorful frosting and sprinkles to make it more visually appealing.
8. It is a tradition to adorn the Christmas tree with ornaments and lights.
9. To celebrate the arrival of spring, they decided to adorn the house with fresh flowers.
10. The teacher asked the students to adorn their projects with drawings and diagrams to make them more engaging.
11. It is common to adorn graves with flowers as a sign of respect and remembrance.
12. The designer chose to adorn the simple dress with lace and beads to make it more elegant.
13. It is important to adorn the altar with flowers and candles during the religious ceremony.
14. The mayor decided to adorn the city square with flags for the national celebration.


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