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How to pronounce bedouin (audio)

Dictionary definition of bedouin

A nomadic or semi-nomadic ethnic group primarily found in the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa.
"The Bedouin tribe migrated across the desert in search of grazing land for their camels."

Detailed meaning of bedouin

The term "Bedouin" encompasses various tribes and clans characterized by their traditional lifestyle and cultural practices. Historically, Bedouins relied on herding livestock, particularly camels, sheep, and goats, as their main source of sustenance and livelihood. They are known for their remarkable ability to adapt and thrive in arid environments, navigating vast desert terrains in search of water and grazing grounds for their animals. Bedouin communities are organized into extended family units, and their social structure is often based on hierarchical systems and codes of honor. Traditionally, Bedouins have been renowned for their hospitality, generosity, and deep-rooted customs, which include intricate handicrafts, oral storytelling, and distinctive clothing, such as the flowing robes known as "thobes" and head coverings like the "keffiyeh." Despite modern influences, some Bedouin groups continue to preserve their cultural heritage, while others have transitioned to a more settled lifestyle in urban areas.

Example sentences of bedouin

1. Bedouin tents dotted the sandy landscape, providing shelter to the nomadic families.
2. The Bedouin guide led the travelers through the treacherous dunes with his expert knowledge.
3. Traditional Bedouin music filled the night air as the community gathered around the campfire.
4. The Bedouin woman skillfully weaved a vibrant rug using her ancestral techniques.
5. The desert's harsh conditions tested the resilience and resourcefulness of the Bedouin people.
6. Bedouin hospitality ensured that no traveler was turned away, offering food and shelter.

History and etymology of bedouin

The noun 'Bedouin' has a rich etymology rooted in Arabic. It originates from the Arabic term 'badawī,' which is derived from 'badw,' meaning 'desert' or 'desert-dweller.' The Bedouin people are traditionally known for their nomadic or semi-nomadic lifestyle, and their name reflects their deep connection to the vast desert landscapes of the Middle East and North Africa. The term 'Bedouin' conveys the essence of a people intimately tied to the arid regions they call home, emphasizing their unique culture, traditions, and way of life shaped by the desert environment. The etymology of 'Bedouin' thus encapsulates the historical and geographical aspects of this ethnic group, highlighting their enduring relationship with the desert.

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Further usage examples of bedouin

1. The Bedouin elder shared captivating tales of ancient legends and heroic adventures.
2. Bedouin men wore their distinctive robes and headdresses, reflecting their cultural identity.
3. The annual Bedouin festival showcased traditional dances, music, and nomadic customs.
4. Bedouin children learned the art of camel-riding from an early age, an essential skill in their way of life.
5. The Bedouin heritage museum displayed artifacts and artifacts showcasing the rich history and traditions of the desert-dwelling community.
6. The Bedouin tribe traveled across the arid Sahara.
7. A traditional Bedouin tent stood in the desert oasis.
8. Bedouin culture is rich with oral storytelling traditions.
9. The Bedouin herders tended to their camels with care.
10. We experienced Bedouin hospitality in the desert camp.
11. Bedouin tribes have a deep connection to the land.
12. The desert landscape was home to many Bedouin families.
13. Bedouin attire is well-suited for harsh desert conditions.
14. The Bedouin market bustled with activity in the morning.
15. Bedouin cuisine often features roasted lamb and flatbread.
16. Bedouin music echoed through the desert night.
17. We learned about the Bedouin's deep knowledge of desert plants.
18. A Bedouin guide led us on a camel trek across the dunes.
19. Bedouin poetry celebrates the beauty of the desert.
20. Bedouin weddings are colorful and joyous celebrations.
21. The Bedouin nomads navigate the vast desert with skill.
22. The history of the Bedouin people is fascinating.
23. We shared stories around the campfire with the Bedouin.
24. The Bedouin have a unique system of tribal governance.
25. Their traditional tents are an iconic symbol of Bedouin life.



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