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How to pronounce bedrock (audio)

Dictionary definition of bedrock

A fundamental principle, belief, or structure that forms the basis for something else.
"Honesty and integrity are the bedrock of a trustworthy relationship."

Detailed meaning of bedrock

The term more broadly refers to the solid rock layer that lies beneath soil and other loose materials on the earth's surface. It is the foundation or basic structure upon which everything else is built. Bedrock can be composed of a variety of different types of rock, including granite, sandstone, and limestone, and its characteristics and properties vary based on its location and geology. The presence of bedrock affects many aspects of the environment, including soil stability, water flow, and the formation of natural landscapes.

Example sentences of bedrock

1. The archaeologists uncovered ancient artifacts buried deep in the bedrock.
2. The foundation of the skyscraper was anchored securely in the bedrock.
3. The geologists studied the layers of bedrock to understand the area's geological history.
4. The town's resilience was its bedrock, built upon a strong sense of community.
5. The miners extracted valuable minerals from the bedrock beneath the earth's surface.
6. The artist carved intricate patterns into the exposed bedrock, creating a unique sculpture.

History and etymology of bedrock

The noun 'bedrock' has its roots in the Old English word 'bedroc,' where 'bed' referred to the solid base or foundation, and 'roc' meant 'rock.' Over time, it evolved into 'bedrock' as we know it today. In its figurative sense, 'bedrock' represents a fundamental principle, belief, or structure that forms the basis for something else. This term's etymology effectively captures the idea of a solid and unchanging foundation upon which other ideas, concepts, or structures are built. Just as bedrock in geology is the unyielding rock layer beneath the Earth's surface, figurative bedrock signifies the unwavering core upon which various aspects of life and thought rest.

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Further usage examples of bedrock

1. The bedrock provided stability for the riverbank, preventing erosion.
2. The bedrock formation revealed clues about the prehistoric environment.
3. The city's economic prosperity was rooted in the bedrock of its diverse industries.
4. The hikers stumbled upon a natural spring in the cracks of the bedrock.
5. The construction crew had to blast through solid bedrock to build the tunnel.
6. The ancient fossils were preserved within the layers of the exposed bedrock.
7. The bedrock served as the canvas for the indigenous people's rock art.
8. The bedrock's composition determined the types of vegetation that could grow in the area.
9. The bedrock formed a natural barrier that redirected the flow of the river.
10. The company's commitment to ethical practices was the bedrock of its reputation.
11. The bedrock under the city provided a source of geothermal energy for heating.
12. The treasure hunters believed that the legendary gem was hidden within the bedrock.
13. The bedrock formations in the canyon displayed intricate patterns created by erosion.
14. The bedrock's stability was crucial for the construction of the massive dam.


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