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How to pronounce basis (audio)

Dictionary definition of basis

The fundamental or underlying principle, concept, or foundation upon which something is built or developed.
"She was hired on the basis of her qualifications and prior experience."

Detailed meaning of basis

It represents the core element or framework that serves as the starting point or reference for further actions, decisions, or reasoning. The basis provides a solid ground or structure on which other ideas, processes, or relationships are established. It is often used to denote a fundamental element of measurement, comparison, or analysis. The concept of basis implies a fundamental aspect or essential factor that serves as a basis for understanding, evaluating, or organizing various aspects of a particular subject or situation. It plays a crucial role in establishing a framework or structure that helps guide and support subsequent actions, discussions, or developments.

Example sentences of basis

1. The research findings were presented on the basis of extensive data analysis.
2. The company's success was built on the basis of strong customer relationships.
3. They meet on a regular basis to discuss project updates and milestones.
4. The decision was made on the basis of financial projections and market trends.
5. The team's performance is evaluated on the basis of their individual contributions.
6. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the situation on a global basis.

History and etymology of basis

The noun 'basis' has its origins in the Latin word 'basis,' which, in turn, can be traced back to the Ancient Greek word 'basis.' In Greek, 'basis' referred to the act of stepping or treading, akin to the act of placing one's feet firmly on the ground. This notion of a solid footing evolved over time to signify the foundation or support upon which something rests or is constructed. In modern usage, 'basis' retains this sense of being the fundamental or underlying principle, concept, or foundation upon which something is built or developed, echoing its historical roots in ideas of support and stability.

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Further usage examples of basis

1. The policy was implemented on the basis of customer feedback and demands.
2. The study was conducted on a sample basis to represent the larger population.
3. The new strategy was developed on the basis of thorough market research.
4. The partnership was formed on the basis of shared values and goals.
5. The judge made the ruling on the basis of the presented evidence and legal arguments.
6. Science relies on the basis of empirical evidence.
7. Trust is the basis of any strong relationship.
8. The basis of this theory is sound research.
9. Equality should be the basis of all policies.
10. Freedom of speech is the basis of democracy.
11. The ethical basis of his decision was questioned.
12. The financial basis of the project is secure.
13. Love is the basis of a healthy family.
14. The basis for his argument was well-documented.
15. Honesty should be the basis of all interactions.
16. This cuisine is rooted in a multicultural basis.
17. The legal basis for the lawsuit was unclear.
18. Education is the basis for personal growth.
19. Fairness serves as the basis of our justice system.
20. The artistic basis of the painting is abstract.
21. The philosophical basis of his beliefs is complex.
22. Innovation is the basis for technological progress.
23. Trust forms the basis of any successful team.
24. The historical basis for the novel is well-researched.


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