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How to pronounce behold (audio)

Dictionary definition of behold

To see or observe something, often with a sense of wonder or admiration.
"He went to the top of the mountain to behold the cityscape from above."

Detailed meaning of behold

It involves paying close attention to a particular thing and taking in its details. The word "behold" is often used in literature and poetry to create a sense of awe or reverence in the reader, and it can be used to describe any experience that is particularly breathtaking or stunning. When used in a religious context, "behold" can signify a divine revelation or an act of grace. Overall, the verb "behold" carries a connotation of reverence and wonder, and it suggests a moment of profound appreciation for something that is truly extraordinary.

Example sentences containing behold

1. As I opened the curtains, I could behold the sunrise painting the sky with beautiful colors.
2. Behold the vast expanse of the desert, seemingly never-ending and full of mysteries.
3. "Behold," the magician said, revealing a rabbit from his hat.
4. The tourists were amazed as they beheld the grandeur of the ancient pyramids.
5. Behold the might of the rushing river, both beautiful and destructive.
6. The audience gasped as they beheld the spectacular finale of the fireworks display.

History and etymology of behold

The verb 'behold' has its origins in Old English, where it was originally 'behealdan.' This Old English term can be broken down into two components: 'be-' and 'healdan.' 'Be-' in Old English often denoted something like 'thoroughly' or 'completely,' and 'healdan' meant 'to hold' or 'to keep.' Therefore, 'behealdan' essentially meant 'to hold or keep thoroughly,' but over time, its meaning evolved to signify not just physically holding something but also to see or observe something with great attention or wonder. This transformation reflects how language adapts to express the act of viewing or witnessing something in a profound and contemplative manner, capturing the sense of awe or admiration often associated with the word 'behold' today.

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Further usage examples of behold

1. She beheld her newborn baby with an overwhelming sense of love and joy.
2. From the castle tower, the king could behold his entire kingdom.
3. At the art exhibition, we beheld masterpieces from the world's greatest artists.
4. As we turned the corner, we beheld a stunning view of the valley below.
5. At the top of the hiking trail, we could behold the beauty of the natural world.
6. The children beheld the Christmas tree with wide-eyed wonder.
7. When he beheld the result of his hard work, he felt a great sense of satisfaction.
8. Behold the new model of our car, complete with the latest technology.
9. I was speechless as I beheld the grandeur of the cathedral.
10. Behold the beauty of the cherry blossoms in full bloom.
11. The astronaut beheld Earth from space, marveling at its beauty.
12. As I beheld the majestic eagle soaring in the sky, I felt a sense of awe.
13. "Behold the consequences of your actions," the teacher said to the unruly student.
14. Behold the stunning sunset painting the sky in vibrant hues.
15. As I climbed the mountain, I could behold breathtaking vistas.
16. Behold the intricate beauty of a snowflake under a microscope.
17. In the museum, I could behold ancient artifacts from history.
18. Behold the graceful dance of the swans on the serene lake.
19. At the concert, we could behold the talent of the young pianist.
20. As I opened the treasure chest, I beheld a trove of jewels.
21. Behold the magnificent architecture of the historic cathedral.
22. In the garden, we can behold the vibrant colors of spring.
23. Behold the wonder in a child's eyes as they see a rainbow.
24. At the summit, we finally beheld the majestic waterfall.

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