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How to pronounce view (audio)


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Dictionary definition of view

The act of seeing or observing something, such as a scene or an object, often from a particular vantage point or perspective.
"From the top of the hill, we had a breathtaking view of the entire city."


Detailed meaning of view

In this sense, a view is the visual perception of one's surroundings. Secondly, "view" can refer to an opinion, belief, or perspective held by an individual or a group of people. It represents someone's viewpoint or stance on a particular matter, whether it is an intellectual, ideological, or personal viewpoint. Thirdly, "view" can denote a sight or panorama that is visually appealing or impressive, often associated with natural landscapes, cityscapes, or architectural wonders. It captures the idea of a picturesque or scenic view. Lastly, "view" can also refer to a specific display or arrangement of information on a screen or within a document, as in a computer or software interface where various data or content is presented for users to access and interact with. Overall, "view" encompasses the act of seeing, a personal perspective or opinion, a visually captivating scene, and a display of information in a digital context.

Example sentences containing view

1. His view on politics is quite conservative, while his friend holds a more liberal view.
2. The hotel room had a balcony with a stunning view of the ocean.
3. The hiker paused to enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains.
4. She sat by the window, sipping her coffee and admiring the picturesque view outside.
5. The artist painted a beautiful landscape capturing the view of a serene countryside.
6. The real estate agent highlighted the property's selling points, including its scenic view.

History and etymology of view

The noun 'view' has its etymological origins in Old English and Old French. In Old English, it was 'fēow,' meaning 'a sight' or 'something seen.' In Old French, it was 'veue,' derived from the verb 'veoir,' meaning 'to see.' Over time, these words converged into the Middle English term 'view,' which came to represent the act of seeing or observing something, often from a particular vantage point or perspective. 'View' encompasses the idea of taking in a scene or an object with one's eyes, and it remains a fundamental term for the act of visual perception in the English language. The etymology of 'view' reflects the importance of sight and observation in human experience and communication.

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Further usage examples of view

1. He adjusted the settings on his computer screen to customize the view of his workspace.
2. The telescope provided a clear view of distant galaxies and stars.
3. The café had outdoor seating, allowing customers to enjoy the view of the bustling street.
4. The documentary offered a historical view of the events leading up to the war.
5. The breathtaking view from the mountaintop left us speechless.
6. She admired the serene view of the sunset over the ocean.
7. The city skyline offered a mesmerizing view at night.
8. The hiker paused to take in the panoramic view of the valley.
9. The telescope revealed a distant galaxy in the night sky's view.
10. From my window, I have a picturesque view of the garden.
11. His view of the art exhibition was obstructed by the crowd.
12. The drone provided an aerial view of the entire landscape.
13. We trekked for hours to reach the magnificent view of the waterfall.
14. The view of the canyon was simply awe-inspiring.
15. The view through the binoculars revealed a rare bird species.
16. The train journey offers a scenic view of the countryside.
17. The view of the castle was obscured by dense fog.
18. The hotel room had a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower.
19. Their restaurant has a view overlooking the river.
20. The astronaut marveled at the Earth's view from space.
21. The photographer captured a striking view of the cityscape.
22. The helicopter tour provided a bird's-eye view of the island.
23. The view from the lighthouse was both charming and eerie.
24. The cruise ship passengers enjoyed a view of dolphins swimming alongside.



perspective, blindness, ignorance, overlook


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