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besiege, aid, assist, support



How to pronounce beleaguer (audio)

Dictionary definition of beleaguer

To surround, besiege, or harass a person, place, or group persistently, typically with the intention of causing distress, exhaustion, or disruption.
"The army continues to beleaguer the enemy stronghold."

Detailed meaning of beleaguer

When someone or something is 'beleaguered,' it implies that they are under constant and often overwhelming pressure, facing difficulties, or enduring adverse circumstances. This term conveys the idea of persistent and unrelenting challenges or threats, which can have a detrimental impact on the well-being, stability, or functioning of the subject. 'Beleaguer' is often used in the context of besieged cities or individuals facing numerous challenges, emphasizing the difficulty of their situation and the need for resilience and perseverance.

Example sentences of beleaguer

1. The snow continued to beleaguer the hikers, hindering their progress up the mountain.
2. The chess player's clever strategy began to beleaguer his unsuspecting opponent.
3. Unending questions about her past choices continued to beleaguer her.
4. Problems at work started to beleaguer him, leaving him unable to focus on anything else.
5. The swirling doubts in his mind began to beleaguer his resolve.
6. The promise of a harsh winter began to beleaguer the small farming community.

History and etymology of beleaguer

The verb 'beleaguer' has an interesting etymology that traces back to the Dutch word 'belegeren,' which is a combination of 'be-' meaning 'around' and 'legeren' meaning 'to camp' or 'to station.' This Dutch term was adopted into English in the late 16th century. The concept behind 'beleaguer' is closely connected to its origins, as it signifies the act of surrounding or besieging a person, place, or group persistently, often with the intention of causing distress, exhaustion, or disruption. Just as an army would establish a camp around a fortified city during a siege, 'beleaguer' metaphorically encapsulates the idea of persistent harassment or encirclement.

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Further usage examples of beleaguer

1. Constant changes in the plan began to beleaguer the project team.
2. The long days of the voyage began to beleaguer the crew's spirit.
3. The relentless press inquiries started to beleaguer the celebrity.
4. High interest rates continued to beleaguer the debt-ridden country.
5. The persistent technical glitches began to beleaguer the product launch.
6. The loud noises from the construction site next door continued to beleaguer the residents.
7. Lack of resources began to beleaguer the charity organization's efforts.
8. Invasive species started to beleaguer the native flora and fauna of the island.
9. The daunting prospect of an exam started to beleaguer the unprepared student.
10. Crippling sanctions began to beleaguer the nation's economy.
11. The network of spies began to beleaguer the fortress with constant surveillance.
12. Threats from the rival gang began to beleaguer the neighborhood's sense of security.
13. Increasing competition in the market started to beleaguer the small business.
14. The long list of chores began to beleaguer the overwhelmed homeowner.


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