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How to pronounce badger (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'badger'

To persistently and annoyingly pester or harass them, usually with the intention of achieving a desired outcome or response.
"He continued to badger his boss for a raise, despite being denied multiple times."

Detailed meaning of 'badger'

It involves repeatedly and insistently asking questions, making requests, or making demands, often in a relentless and bothersome manner. The act of badgering can be characterized by a person's refusal to give up or take no for an answer, as they continue to pressurize or nag someone. This verb implies a certain level of intrusiveness and can often leave the person being badgered feeling frustrated, irritated, or overwhelmed by the relentless persistence of the individual engaging in the badgering behavior.

History and etymology of 'badger'

The verb 'badger' has a fascinating etymology linked to the behavior of the animal it's named after, the badger. It is believed to have originated in the late 16th century and was inspired by the way badgers dig their setts or burrows with great persistence and tenacity. The term 'badger' was used metaphorically to describe individuals who persistently and annoyingly pester or harass others, often with the intention of achieving a desired outcome or response, much like a badger digging relentlessly. This verb captures the essence of persistence and annoyance in its original and current usage, emphasizing the idea of someone persistently and doggedly pursuing their goals or desires, even to the point of irritation.

Example sentences containing 'badger'

1. The protestors decided to badger the government officials with their demands.
2. The persistent telemarketer would badger people with unsolicited phone calls.
3. The students would badger the teacher for extra time to complete their assignments.
4. The paparazzi would badger the famous actor for photos wherever he went.
5. The politician was known to badger his opponents during debates.
6. The neighbors would often badger each other with noise complaints.
7. The manager had to intervene when employees would badger each other with gossip.
8. The prosecutor would badger the witness during cross-examination.
9. The fans would badger the rockstar for autographs after the concert.
10. The journalist would badger the politician with tough questions during the press conference.
11. The child would badger his parents for a pet puppy.
12. The creditors would badger the debtor for payment of their debts.
13. The animal rights activists would badger the company for their unethical practices.
14. The pranksters would badger their friends with practical jokes.



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