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How to pronounce beside (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'beside'

Indicating the position of one object or person in close proximity or alongside another.
"The cat curled up beside the fireplace to keep warm."

Detailed meaning of 'beside'

It signifies a sense of adjacency, immediate proximity, or being next to something or someone. When used to describe physical location, "beside" implies being positioned next to or by the side of another object, person, or reference point. It highlights a closeness or nearness in space, suggesting a parallel or side-by-side arrangement. The term "beside" can also be used figuratively to express a comparison, contrast, or association between two things or concepts. It emphasizes the connection or relationship between them, implying that they are in close association or linked in some way. "Beside" conveys the notion of being alongside or in close proximity to something, whether in a literal or figurative sense, enhancing the understanding of relative position, connection, or comparison.

History and etymology of 'beside'

The preposition 'beside' has an etymology rooted in Old English. It originates from the Old English word 'besīdan,' which is a combination of 'be-' and 'sīdan.' 'Be-' in Old English often indicated a sense of proximity or closeness, while 'sīdan' meant 'to sit' or 'to be situated.' Therefore, 'besīdan' conveyed the notion of being situated close by or alongside something or someone. As the English language evolved, 'besīdan' transformed into 'beside,' retaining its original sense of indicating the position of one object or person in close proximity to or alongside another. The etymology of 'beside' reflects its historical association with proximity and serves as a clear indicator of the spatial relationship between objects or individuals.

Example sentences containing 'beside'

1. The flowers bloomed beautifully beside the fence.
2. The store was conveniently located beside the train station.
3. The dog sat patiently beside its owner, waiting for a treat.
4. The old photograph was placed lovingly beside the family album.
5. The cafe had outdoor seating beside a bustling city street.
6. She sat beside her best friend during the movie.
7. The cat curled up beside the warm fireplace.
8. The bicycle leaned against the wall beside the door.
9. He stood beside the tree, observing the forest.
10. The books were stacked beside the study desk.
11. They walked beside the river, hand in hand.
12. A little flower bloomed beside the tall tree.
13. The restaurant is right beside the grocery store.
14. The old barn sat beside the picturesque farmhouse.
15. The dog slept soundly beside its owner.
16. The keys were right beside the front door.
17. The children played games beside the picnic table.
18. She placed her purse beside her chair at the cafe.
19. The museum is located beside the historic church.
20. A small park is situated beside the city square.
21. He set the gift box beside her birthday cake.
22. The painting hung proudly beside the grand piano.
23. The two friends hiked together beside the mountain trail.
24. They stood in awe beside the ancient ruins.
25. The ocean waves crashed beside the sandy beach.



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