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How to pronounce neighboring (audio)

Dictionary definition of neighboring

Located or situated in close proximity to another person, place, or thing.
"The neighboring schools often compete in sports events and academic competitions."

Detailed meaning of neighboring

It denotes a close geographical relationship or adjacency. When referring to places, neighboring typically implies a shared boundary or immediate vicinity. It suggests that the two entities are near each other and can often have direct interactions or influences on one another. Similarly, when describing individuals, neighboring indicates individuals who live or dwell in close proximity to each other, typically in nearby houses, apartments, or communities. The term "neighboring" conveys the idea of spatial or physical closeness, highlighting the interconnectedness and interdependence that can arise from being in such proximity.

Example sentences containing neighboring

1. The neighboring countries had a long history of cultural exchange and trade.
2. We often visit our neighboring town for shopping and entertainment.
3. The neighboring houses shared a common wall, making sound insulation important.
4. The park is a popular destination for both locals and visitors from neighboring cities.
5. Our kids often play with their neighboring friends in the adjacent yard.
6. The neighboring farms collaborate on various agricultural projects.

History and etymology of neighboring

The adjective 'neighboring' has a straightforward etymology rooted in the Old English word 'neahgebur,' which is a combination of 'neah,' meaning 'near,' and 'gebur,' meaning 'inhabitant' or 'dweller.' This term originally referred to someone who lived nearby. Over time, as languages evolved, 'neighboring' emerged to describe places or things located in close proximity to one another. It conveys the idea of being near or adjacent to something else, emphasizing the spatial relationship between entities. In modern usage, 'neighboring' captures the concept of two or more things or locations situated close together, highlighting their immediate proximity to each other.

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Further usage examples of neighboring

1. The neighboring buildings provided a picturesque backdrop to the bustling street.
2. The neighboring communities joined forces to clean up the polluted river.
3. The company expanded its operations to neighboring countries, increasing its market reach.
4. The fire in the neighboring apartment building spread rapidly, requiring immediate evacuation.
5. The event attracted attendees from both the local community and neighboring towns.
6. Our neighboring town hosts a summer festival.
7. The neighboring house is undergoing renovations.
8. Neighboring countries share a long history.
9. A neighboring city offers diverse cultural experiences.
10. The neighboring park is a popular picnic spot.
11. Neighboring nations collaborate on environmental issues.
12. The neighboring street is lined with historic homes.
13. Neighboring communities come together for charity.
14. We often visit the neighboring state for vacations.
15. The neighboring school has a strong sports program.
16. Neighboring regions have distinct culinary traditions.
17. The neighboring forest teems with wildlife.
18. Neighboring islands offer stunning views.
19. The neighboring lake provides excellent fishing.
20. Neighboring counties coordinate emergency services.
21. Our neighboring county has a vibrant arts scene.
22. Neighboring towns have friendly rivalries.
23. The neighboring beach beckons with its beauty.
24. Neighboring businesses support each other.
25. The neighboring mountains are a hiker's paradise.



adjacent, distant, remote, far


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