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How to pronounce bewilder (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'bewilder'

To cause someone to become confused, perplexed, or disoriented.
"It's not uncommon for technology to bewilder the older generation."

Detailed Meaning of 'bewilder'

When a person is bewildered, they may feel lost, disoriented, or uncertain about how to proceed. Bewilderment can be caused by a variety of factors, including unfamiliar situations, conflicting information, or unexpected changes in circumstances. Someone might be bewildered by a complicated math problem, a confusing set of directions, or a sudden change in plans. Additionally, bewilderment can be caused by emotional or psychological factors, such as trauma, stress, or anxiety. Overall, the verb bewilder connotes a sense of confusion or disorientation that can be caused by a range of different factors, and which may require effort and patience to overcome.

History and Etymology of 'bewilder'

The verb 'bewilder' has an interesting etymology that can be traced back to the 17th century in English. It is thought to be a combination of two words: 'be-' and 'wilderness.' The 'be-' prefix is used to intensify the meaning of a word, and in this case, it amplifies the concept of being in a state of wildness or confusion. 'Wilderness,' on the other hand, originally referred to a wild or uncultivated area, often seen as a confusing and disorienting place. Over time, 'bewilder' came to signify the act of causing someone to become confused, perplexed, or disoriented, akin to being lost in the bewildering complexity of a wilderness. This etymology beautifully captures the essence of the word, describing a state of mental confusion as if one were navigating through a bewildering and unfamiliar landscape.

Examples of 'bewilder' in a Sentence

1. Unexpected reactions from people bewilder her regularly.
2. His cryptic messages bewilder the team every time.
3. Abstract concepts in philosophy bewilder many beginners.
4. The colors and patterns of that dress bewilder me.
5. The reasons behind such decisions often bewilder the public.
6. Did the magic tricks bewilder you as a child?
7. Advanced mathematics can bewilder students who lack foundational knowledge.
8. To bewilder an audience, magicians employ sleight of hand techniques.
9. Some poets use obscure references that bewilder readers.
10. The depth and breadth of the ocean never cease to bewilder me.
11. Ancient prophecies and their interpretations bewilder most historians.
12. The twists and turns in that novel bewilder its readers.
13. How does something so simple bewilder you?
14. The sudden change in weather patterns can bewilder forecasters.





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