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How to pronounce biometric (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'biometric'

Pertaining to the measurement, analysis, and identification of unique biological characteristics and features of living organisms.
"His biometric data, such as fingerprints and iris patterns, were used to access the high-security vault."

Detailed meaning of 'biometric'

It refers to the use of quantitative data and measurements related to physical or behavioral attributes that are distinctive to individuals. Biometric technologies employ methods such as fingerprint recognition, iris scanning, facial recognition, voice analysis, and DNA profiling to establish and verify identity. These techniques rely on the understanding that certain biological traits are specific to each person, making them reliable and unique markers for identification purposes. Biometric systems are employed in various fields, including security systems, access control, identity verification, and forensic investigations. They offer enhanced accuracy, reliability, and convenience compared to traditional identification methods. Biometric technology continues to advance, enabling more sophisticated and precise identification and authentication processes. However, the use of biometric data also raises important privacy and ethical considerations, emphasizing the need for responsible and transparent implementation and management of these technologies.

History and etymology of 'biometric'

The adjective 'biometric' has a clear etymology rooted in two Greek words: 'bios,' meaning 'life,' and 'metron,' meaning 'measure.' When combined, they give us 'biometrics,' which pertains to the measurement and analysis of unique biological characteristics and features of living organisms. This term embodies the idea of using quantifiable biological traits, such as fingerprints, facial features, or genetic markers, to identify and authenticate individuals. The etymology of 'biometric' underscores its close association with the study and application of life-related measurements for purposes ranging from security and identification to healthcare and research, highlighting the reliance on biological data in various fields of study and technology.

Example sentences containing 'biometric'

1. The biometric facial recognition software accurately identified individuals in a crowded stadium.
2. The bank introduced biometric verification for customers to access their accounts.
3. The border control checkpoint used biometric technology to verify travelers' identities.
4. The police used biometric matching to identify suspects captured on surveillance cameras.
5. The employee's biometric signature was required to clock in and out of work.
6. The biometric attendance system eliminated the possibility of buddy punching.
7. The biometric passport contained embedded features for enhanced security.
8. The hospital implemented biometric patient identification to prevent medical errors.
9. The biometric attendance app recorded employees' fingerprints to track their working hours.
10. The biometric face recognition system ensured only authorized individuals could enter the high-security facility.
11. The smartphone's biometric iris scanner provided an additional layer of protection for sensitive data.
12. The government agency implemented biometric voting systems to prevent voter fraud.
13. The biometric access control system required employees to scan their fingerprints to enter the building.
14. The biometric payment system allowed customers to make secure transactions using their fingerprints.



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