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unimpressed, excited, enthusiastic, passionate



How to pronounce blasé (audio)

Dictionary definition of blasé

Indifference or boredom towards something that would typically excite or interest others.
"After years of traveling the world, she was completely blasé about visiting new cities."

Detailed meaning of blasé

When someone is blasé, they may appear disinterested or unconcerned, often as a result of having experienced similar situations or events numerous times before. The term is commonly used to describe a person's attitude or demeanor, and can be applied to a wide range of contexts, from social events to cultural experiences. People who are blasé may come across as aloof or apathetic, and may struggle to engage with others or find enjoyment in new experiences.

Example sentences of blasé

1. The celebrity seemed entirely blasé about the paparazzi following her every move.
2. The fashion critic was so blasé about the latest runway show, she barely took any notes.
3. He was so blasé about the job interview, he didn't even bother to dress up.
4. The thrill-seeker was completely blasé about jumping out of a plane for the tenth time.
5. After eating at some of the world's finest restaurants, he was blasé about trying new cuisine.
6. She was so blasé about public speaking, she gave her presentation without any preparation.

History and etymology of blasé

The adjective 'blasé' has an intriguing etymology with its roots in French. It is derived from the Old French word 'blasme,' which means 'disdain' or 'criticism.' 'Blasme' itself evolved from the Latin word 'blasphemare,' meaning 'to speak evil of' or 'to blaspheme.' Over time, in French, 'blasé' took on a more nuanced meaning, signifying a sense of weariness or indifference, especially toward something that would typically excite or interest others. The transition from criticism to indifference reflects the idea that when one has seen or experienced something to the point of exhaustion or saturation, they may become indifferent or unimpressed by it. This evolution in meaning led to the use of 'blasé' in English to describe a certain world-weariness or lack of enthusiasm, particularly in response to experiences that others might find exciting or novel.

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Further usage examples of blasé

1. The jaded movie critic was completely blasé about the latest blockbuster.
2. After attending dozens of concerts, he was blasé about seeing his favorite band live again.
3. The seasoned detective was blasé about yet another murder investigation.
4. The wealthy heiress was blasé about her latest shopping spree, having spent millions before.
5. The experienced politician was blasé about yet another debate, having faced countless opponents before.
6. She seemed blasé about visiting exotic destinations, having traveled extensively.
7. His blasé attitude towards success surprised his ambitious peers.
8. The actor's blasé acceptance of fame contrasted with his co-stars' excitement.
9. Despite the unique opportunity, she remained blasé during the exclusive art exhibition.
10. His blasé reaction to the thrilling movie puzzled his friends.
11. The blasé response to the surprise party disappointed the organizers.
12. She appeared blasé about receiving the prestigious award, having won many before.
13. His blasé demeanor at the amusement park dampened the group's enthusiasm.
14. The student's blasé approach to learning hindered academic progress.
15. Despite the stunning view, he remained blasé about the scenic beauty.
16. Her blasé reaction to the thrilling roller coaster ride shocked her friends.
17. The blasé reaction to the meteor shower disappointed astronomy enthusiasts.
18. His blasé attitude towards love prevented meaningful relationships.
19. The blasé response to the wildlife encounter surprised the tour guide.
20. Despite the incredible opportunity, she remained blasé about meeting the celebrity.
21. His blasé reaction to the sporting event puzzled fellow fans.
22. The blasé acceptance of the new technology hindered its adoption.
23. She seemed blasé about the culinary masterpiece served at the restaurant.
24. His blasé attitude towards adventure held back his adventurous spirit.
25. The blasé reaction to the historical landmark disappointed the tour group.



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