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How to pronounce blemish (audio)

Dictionary definition of blemish

A flaw or imperfection in something or someone that detracts from its appearance or value.
"The diamond had a tiny blemish that only a jeweler's loupe could detect."

Detailed meaning of blemish

It can refer to a mark, spot, stain, or scar on a surface or on the skin. Blemishes can also be used in a figurative sense, such as a character flaw or a mistake that detracts from someone's reputation. Blemishes can be caused by a variety of factors, such as genetics, environment, or aging. In the context of skincare or cosmetics, a blemish is often associated with acne or other skin imperfections that can be treated or concealed with various products.

Example sentences of blemish

1. The antique vase had a tiny blemish on its delicate porcelain surface.
2. She felt self-conscious about the blemish on her otherwise flawless skin.
3. The car's resale value was affected by a noticeable blemish on the paint.
4. Despite the blemish, the diamond's brilliance was undeniable.
5. The chef refused to serve a dish with even the slightest blemish.
6. His character had a moral blemish that haunted him throughout the story.

History and etymology of blemish

The noun 'blemish' has its origins in Middle English and Old French. In Middle English, it was 'blenchen,' which meant 'to deceive' or 'to give a false impression.' This term evolved from the Old French word 'blesmir,' which meant 'to make pale' or 'to mar.' Over time, 'blemish' came to refer to a flaw or imperfection in something or someone that detracts from its appearance or value. The etymology of 'blemish' effectively conveys the idea of something that diminishes the purity or perfection of a surface or quality. Whether used to describe a blemish on one's skin, a blemish on a piece of artwork, or a blemish on someone's character, this term underscores the concept of a noticeable imperfection that tarnishes or mars the overall impression.

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Further usage examples of blemish

1. The report was well-written but contained a significant factual blemish.
2. The old painting had a blemish, but it added to its charm.
3. Her otherwise impeccable record had one blemish, a minor traffic violation.
4. The politician's past scandals were seen as a blemish on his career.
5. The artist considered the stroke of red paint a creative blemish.
6. She noticed a small blemish on her otherwise clear complexion.
7. The antique vase had a single blemish on its delicate surface.
8. A lone blemish on the apple made it less appealing.
9. The car's flawless paint job had not a single blemish.
10. He felt self-conscious about the blemish on his arm during the summer.
11. The mirror revealed every blemish and imperfection on her face.
12. His otherwise perfect report had one small blemish - a spelling mistake.
13. The restaurant's reputation had a blemish after a food safety incident.
14. Her flawless performance had no blemish, according to the judges.
15. The antique book was in excellent condition with no blemish on its pages.
16. The cleanroom was spotless, with no blemish to compromise its integrity.
17. Despite his age, his skin remained free of blemish.
18. The pottery class focused on how to repair a blemish in ceramic creations.
19. A blemish on the otherwise pristine landscape was the old, abandoned factory.
20. She used concealer to hide the blemish on her cheek.
21. The moon's surface is covered in countless craters, each a unique blemish.
22. The artist worked tirelessly to remove a blemish from the painting.
23. A single blemish on the apple didn't deter him from taking a bite.
24. The minor blemish on the artwork went unnoticed by most viewers.



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