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narrow-minded, open-minded, unbiased, perceptive



How to pronounce blinkered (audio)

Dictionary definition of blinkered

Having a narrow or limited perspective or outlook on a situation, and an unwillingness to consider other points of view or alternative options.
"The blinkered journalist only reported on one side of the story."

Detailed meaning of blinkered

It can also refer to someone who is unable to see the bigger picture or who is focused solely on a specific aspect of a situation or problem.

A blinkered person is often seen as someone who is rigid in their thinking, and unwilling to change their opinions or beliefs, even when presented with new information or evidence. They may be resistant to new ideas or ways of thinking, and may struggle to see things from other perspectives.

In the context of animals, blinkered refers to the practice of placing blinkers on a horse, which are leather or fabric coverings for their eyes, to limit their vision and prevent them from becoming distracted or spooked by their surroundings.

In general, being blinkered means having a narrow or limited perspective, and it implies a lack of willingness to consider other points of view or alternative options, a blinkered person may be rigid in their thinking, resistant to new ideas and unwilling to change their opinions or beliefs.

Example sentences of blinkered

1. His blinkered approach to the issue hindered progress.
2. Blinkered thinking can lead to missed opportunities.
3. She had a blinkered view of success, focusing only on wealth.
4. Blinkered leaders often fail to adapt to changing circumstances.
5. A blinkered mindset limits personal growth and understanding.
6. The blinkered executive dismissed innovative ideas.

History and etymology of blinkered

The adjective 'blinkered' draws its etymology from the idea of limiting one's field of vision. It is derived from the noun 'blinker,' which refers to a type of eye cover for horses, often made of leather or cloth, that restricts their peripheral vision and limits their ability to see to the sides. This device prevents the horse from becoming distracted or spooked by objects or movements in its peripheral vision. In a metaphorical sense, when we describe someone as 'blinkered,' we are suggesting that they have a narrow or limited perspective or outlook on a situation, similar to a horse wearing blinders. It implies an unwillingness or inability to consider other points of view or alternative options, as if their vision is constrained to a singular, fixed viewpoint, potentially hindering their ability to make well-rounded and informed decisions.

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Further usage examples of blinkered

1. Blinkered politicians can alienate diverse constituencies.
2. Open-mindedness is the antidote to blinkered perspectives.
3. Blinkered nationalism can harm international relations.
4. His blinkered devotion to tradition hindered innovation.
5. Blinkered attitudes can stifle creativity in the workplace.
6. She challenged the blinkered views of her peers.
7. Blinkered individuals resist embracing new technologies.
8. A blinkered approach to education limits its effectiveness.
9. Blinkered thinking often leads to missed solutions.
10. Narrow-mindedness and blinkered beliefs hinder progress.
11. Blinkered attitudes can fuel social division.
12. Leaders with blinkered vision may overlook valuable insights.
13. A blinkered worldview can lead to prejudice and bias.
14. Overcoming blinkered thinking requires openness to new ideas.
15. His blinkered approach to the new technology made him miss out on great opportunities.
16. The community needs open discussions, not blinkered viewpoints that disregard alternative perspectives.
17. The blinkered horse kept its focus on the path ahead.
18. Her blinkered insistence on outdated methods hindered the project's progress.
19. They criticized the government's blinkered policies that overlooked environmental concerns.
20. His blinkered vision in investments led to his eventual bankruptcy.
21. The teacher encouraged students to think critically and not adopt a blinkered approach to learning.
22. The company's blinkered focus on profits led them to ignore the well-being of their employees.
23. Reading widely is crucial in shedding one's blinkered outlook on the world.
24. The blinkered perception of the old regime was incompatible with the needs of a modern society.
25. She was aghast at her colleague’s blinkered refusal to consider any solutions outside of his own.
26. In the debate, he was accused of having a blinkered mindset, unable to see the broader implications of his arguments.



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