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How to pronounce bolt (audio)

Dictionary definition of bolt

To run or move away suddenly and quickly, often with great speed.
"We watched the cyclists bolt down the hill at terrific speeds."

Detailed meaning of bolt

When someone bolts, they make a rapid and often impulsive movement, typically to escape, flee, or evade a situation or danger. Secondly, "bolt" can denote the action of fastening or securing something with a bolt, such as using a threaded metal fastener to hold two pieces together. This involves tightening or attaching an object firmly in place. Thirdly, "bolt" can represent the action of devouring food quickly and eagerly, often without taking time to chew or savor. In this context, it implies eating with haste or voracity. Fourthly, "bolt" can also describe sudden or impulsive actions or decisions, often made without much consideration or thought. It suggests acting abruptly or recklessly. Additionally, "bolt" can refer to lightning or a flash of lightning, which is a rapid and bright electrical discharge in the atmosphere. Overall, the verb "bolt" encompasses actions related to rapid movement, fastening, eating quickly, impulsive actions, and flashes of lightning.

Example sentences of bolt

1. In the woods, a deer heard a crack, then bolt to safety far from the eerie noise.
2. I saw the cat bolt after it got a whiff of the dog's presence, swift and silent.
3. A rustle in the bushes made the wary rabbit bolt, vanishing into thick greenery.
4. He heard a growl and, fueled by instinct, he chose to bolt into the dark alley.
5. At the crack of dawn, the horse will bolt, running wildly amidst the golden rays.
6. When the alarm rang, they didn’t hesitate; they chose to bolt from the gloomy cave.

History and etymology of bolt

The verb 'bolt' in the sense of running or moving away suddenly and quickly, often with great speed, has a rich etymology. It finds its origins in Middle English and Old English. In Old English, it was spelled as 'boltian,' which meant 'to spring, leap, or dash suddenly.' This Old English word can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic word 'bultojan,' which carried a similar sense of sudden movement. The root of 'bolt' is associated with swift and rapid motion, akin to the sudden release of a projectile from a crossbow or the way a horse might bolt suddenly when startled. Over time, the verb 'bolt' retained this meaning of quick and abrupt movement, becoming a word used to describe various actions and creatures when they dash away unexpectedly. The etymology of 'bolt' thus highlights its historical connection to rapid and sudden motion, which remains a central characteristic of its modern usage.

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Further usage examples of bolt

1. With the sound of gunfire, everyone in the crowd chose to bolt, seeking refuge.
2. A clap of thunder made the flock of birds bolt, painting the sky with their escape.
3. The children, laughing, would bolt at the sight of the approaching school bus.
4. A sudden chill in the air made the campers bolt, abandoning the fire mid-story.
5. Seeing the shark’s fin, all swimmers decided to bolt, rushing towards the shore.
6. The horse quickly bolt from the starting line, leaving the others behind.
7. He suddenly bolt from his seat when he heard the loud noise.
8. The squirrel swiftly bolt up the tree to escape from the barking dog.
9. She saw the spider and immediately bolt in the opposite direction.
10. The frightened child instinctively bolt into their parents' arms.
11. The rabbit suddenly bolt across the meadow and disappeared into the bushes.
12. The car unexpectedly bolt forward as the driver hit the accelerator.
13. He couldn't handle the pressure and impulsively bolt from the stage.
14. The gust of wind caused the door to suddenly bolt shut.
15. The dog eagerly bolt after the ball, chasing it with excitement.
16. Startled by the loud noise, she bolt from her bed and rushed to the window.
17. The cat swiftly bolt from the room, startled by the sudden commotion.
18. He bolt through the crowd, determined to catch up with his friends.
19. The athlete swiftly bolt out of the starting blocks, racing towards the finish line.
20. Startled by the thunder, the horses bolt across the field in a panic.
21. The squirrel deftly bolt across the power lines, moving with agility.
22. The mouse instinctively bolt into its burrow at the sound of approaching footsteps.
23. The scared bird suddenly bolt into the sky, fleeing from the predator.
24. The child's sudden movement caused the tablecloth to swiftly bolt off the table.



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