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How to pronounce bonkers (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'bonkers'

Extremely eccentric, crazy, or mad.
"The quirky art exhibit was a hit, attracting visitors who were intrigued by the bonkers creations."

Detailed Meaning of 'bonkers'

When something is described as "bonkers," it suggests a sense of being outlandish, bizarre, or irrational. It implies a departure from conventional or expected behavior, often in a whimsical or unpredictable manner. This adjective is typically used in a lighthearted or colloquial context to convey a level of astonishment or disbelief towards something that is strange, nonsensical, or beyond normal comprehension. It can describe a person's behavior, an idea, an event, or a situation that is deemed unusual or absurd. The term "bonkers" adds a playful and exaggerated element to the description, highlighting the unconventional nature or whimsical quality of the subject being described.

History and Etymology of 'bonkers'

The adjective 'bonkers' has a fascinating and somewhat mysterious etymology. Its origins are not entirely clear, but it is believed to have emerged in British slang during the early to mid-20th century. Some theories suggest that 'bonkers' may have originated as a playful alteration of the word 'bonk,' which itself had been used in British slang to mean 'to hit' or 'to strike' since the 19th century. The addition of the '-ers' suffix in 'bonkers' likely serves to intensify the meaning, transforming it into a term for someone or something that is extremely eccentric, crazy, or mad. While the exact path of its development remains somewhat enigmatic, 'bonkers' has certainly become a colorful and expressive term in the English language for describing extreme states of eccentricity or madness.

Examples of 'bonkers' in a Sentence

1. The comedian's wacky costume and antics had the crowd going bonkers with laughter.
2. The new video game had such crazy challenges that it drove players bonkers trying to complete them.
3. The politician's outrageous behavior made headlines, leaving many people thinking he was bonkers.
4. The magician performed mind-bending tricks that had the audience going bonkers with astonishment.
5. The heatwave was driving everyone bonkers; even the slightest breeze brought relief.
6. His bonkers idea turned out to be a stroke of genius.
7. The bonkers comedian had the audience in stitches.
8. The bonkers roller coaster left everyone screaming.
9. Their bonkers antics always kept the party lively.
10. The movie's plot was so bonkers it defied belief.
11. She thought I was bonkers for trying that extreme sport.
12. The bonkers weather went from scorching to freezing.
13. The professor's bonkers theories fascinated his students.
14. The bonkers outfit she wore turned heads at the party.
15. The bonkers cat chased its tail in circles.
16. The bonkers stunt earned him a spot in the record book.
17. He had a bonkers sense of humor that made us laugh.
18. The bonkers road trip ended with unexpected adventures.
19. Their bonkers dance moves entertained the crowd.
20. The bonkers plot twist left the audience gasping.
21. The bonkers contest attracted participants from all over.
22. The bonkers inventor's gadgets were both quirky and fun.
23. Her bonkers enthusiasm was infectious.
24. The bonkers roller derby match was a thrilling spectacle.
25. The bonkers art installation challenged conventional thinking.





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