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deranged, sane, rational, stable


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How to pronounce insane (audio)


Dictionary definition of insane

Exhibiting extreme mental instability, irrationality, or madness.
"After pulling an all-nighter, I felt like I was going insane from exhaustion."

Detailed meaning of insane

It denotes a state of mind that is far removed from normality, characterized by a lack of reason, coherence, or control. When applied to a person, it suggests a severe disturbance in their thoughts, emotions, or behavior, often leading to unpredictable or dangerous actions. Similarly, when used to describe a situation or event, it signifies an extraordinary or unbelievable nature that deviates from rational expectations. The term "insane" emphasizes the presence of abnormality or madness, highlighting a departure from the ordinary and introducing an element of chaos, instability, or unpredictability.

Example sentences containing insane

1. The roller coaster ride was absolutely insane, with its mind-bending twists and turns.
2. The guitarist's insane skills left the audience in awe.
3. The speed at which he was driving was insane, endangering everyone on the road.
4. The horror movie had an insane plot twist that left viewers stunned.
5. The amount of work she was able to accomplish in one day was simply insane.
6. His insane laughter echoed through the empty hallways, sending shivers down our spines.

History and etymology of insane

The adjective 'insane' has its origins in the Latin word 'insanus,' which is a combination of 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'sanus,' meaning 'sound' or 'healthy.' In its early use, 'insane' directly referred to a lack of soundness or health, particularly in the context of one's mental state. It conveyed the idea of extreme mental instability, irrationality, or madness, indicating a departure from a sound and healthy state of mind. Over time, this term has continued to be associated with severe mental disorders or irrational behavior, retaining its etymological roots in describing conditions or actions that deviate from what is considered mentally sound or healthy.

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Further usage examples of insane

1. The crowd went insane when their favorite band took the stage.
2. The daredevil's insane stunt had us holding our breath in fear.
3. The heatwave was driving everyone insane with its relentless intensity.
4. The insane amount of traffic during rush hour made commuting a nightmare.
5. She had an insane collection of vintage vinyl records.
6. The magician performed an insane trick, making a rabbit appear out of thin air.
7. The price of the designer handbag was absolutely insane; I couldn't believe anyone would pay that much.
8. The haunted house was filled with insane clowns and eerie sound effects.
9. The criminal's plan was so insane that it seemed like something out of a movie.
10. The comedian's jokes were so funny, they had us in fits of insane laughter.
11. The insane popularity of the new video game caused it to sell out within minutes.
12. The runner set an insane world record, completing the marathon in under two hours.
13. The artist's insane creativity was evident in every brushstroke of their masterpiece.
14. His insane laughter echoed through the empty, dimly lit corridors.
15. The movie's plot took an insane twist, leaving us all bewildered.
16. She possessed an insane talent for solving complex puzzles effortlessly.
17. The roller coaster's insane drops left my heart pounding with fear.
18. The storm unleashed an insane fury, tearing through the town.
19. His insane obsession with perfection drove him to work tirelessly.
20. The professor's insane theories challenged the boundaries of science.
21. The party's insane energy kept us dancing until the early hours.
22. The maze's insane complexity left us lost for hours on end.
23. Her insane courage inspired everyone to face their fears head-on.
24. The artist's insane creativity knew no bounds, yielding masterpieces.

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