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boaster, humble, modest, self-deprecating



How to pronounce braggart (audio)

Dictionary definition of braggart

A person who boasts about their achievements or possessions in an excessive or arrogant manner.
"The braggart boasted about his achievements all day long."

Detailed meaning of braggart

Such individuals often exaggerate their accomplishments and may try to make others feel inferior by talking down to them or belittling their achievements. Braggarts are often seen as obnoxious and insufferable by those around them, and their behavior can be a source of annoyance and frustration. While it is normal to feel proud of one's accomplishments, a braggart takes this to an extreme level and often does so at the expense of others.

Example sentences of braggart

1. The braggart at the party wouldn't stop talking about his achievements.
2. Nobody likes a braggart who is always boasting about themselves.
3. Sarah realized that she had become a braggart and decided to change her ways.
4. The novel’s main character is a braggart who exaggerates his adventures.
5. Despite being a braggart, John had a soft side that he rarely showed.
6. The braggart was surprisingly humble when he received the award.

History and etymology of braggart

The noun 'braggart' has its origins in the Middle English word 'bragard,' which means 'boaster' or 'braggart.' It likely evolved from the Old Norse 'bragð,' meaning 'movement' or 'swagger.' 'Braggart' entered the English language in the 16th century. A 'braggart' is a person who boasts about their achievements or possessions in an excessive or arrogant manner. The etymology of 'braggart' effectively conveys the notion of someone who not only talks boastfully but also may carry themselves with a swagger or exaggerated confidence. Whether used to describe a habitual braggart or someone engaging in momentary bragging, this term highlights the tendency to excessively self-promote or exaggerate one's accomplishments or possessions.

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Further usage examples of braggart

1. Everyone in the office knew that Tom was a braggart, but they put up with him anyway.
2. The braggart couldn't resist showing off his new car to the neighbors.
3. Susan didn't want to be seen as a braggart, so she downplayed her accomplishments.
4. The braggart in the group always had a story that topped everyone else's.
5. It's hard to have a meaningful conversation with a braggart because they always steer the conversation back to themselves.
6. Even though he was a braggart, he was well-liked because he was also very generous.
7. Being a braggart can sometimes mask a person's insecurities.
8. The braggart claimed to have met celebrities, but no one believed him.
9. Nobody was surprised when the braggart exaggerated his role in the project.
10. The braggart's stories were entertaining, but everyone knew to take them with a grain of salt.
11. The king was known to be a braggart, always boasting about the size of his kingdom.
12. As a child, she was taught that being a braggart was not an admirable quality.
13. It was exhausting to be around the braggart for too long because he always needed to be the center of attention.
14. The braggart was always the first to volunteer for a challenge, eager to prove himself.



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