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How to pronounce exhibitionist (audio)

Dictionary definition of exhibitionist

A person who engages in behavior that is intended to attract attention to themselves, often in an extravagant manner.
"The artist was labeled an exhibitionist for his controversial public displays of nudity."

Detailed meaning of exhibitionist

Such behavior can take many forms, ranging from overtly sexual displays to public performances or displays of wealth or status. Exhibitionists often seek to draw attention to themselves in order to feel validated or admired, or to satisfy a desire for social recognition. However, exhibitionism can also be a symptom of deeper psychological issues, such as a need for validation or attention, low self-esteem, or an underlying personality disorder. While some people may view exhibitionism as a form of harmless self-expression, it can be disturbing or offensive to others, and may even be illegal in certain contexts.

Example sentences containing exhibitionist

1. The flamboyant dancer was a true exhibitionist on stage.
2. He couldn't resist being an exhibitionist at the party.
3. Her flashy outfits made her the neighborhood's biggest exhibitionist.
4. The circus performer was a natural exhibitionist.
5. The artist's work was a reflection of his inner exhibitionist.
6. He's an exhibitionist, always seeking the spotlight.

History and etymology of exhibitionist

The noun 'exhibitionist' has an etymology that is quite descriptive of the behavior it denotes. It is derived from the word 'exhibition,' which comes from the Latin 'exhibere,' meaning 'to show' or 'to display.' An 'exhibitionist' is someone who engages in behavior aimed at showing or displaying themselves to others, often in a conspicuous or extravagant manner. The term has come to be associated with those who seek attention, sometimes to an excessive or inappropriate degree, highlighting the act of showcasing oneself as a central element of its meaning. The etymology of 'exhibitionist' emphasizes the concept of displaying oneself for attention, reflecting the intent to draw the eyes and interest of others.

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Further usage examples of exhibitionist

1. The reality TV star is a notorious exhibitionist.
2. The singer's provocative wardrobe choices labeled her an exhibitionist.
3. The comedian's jokes revealed his inner exhibitionist.
4. She's an exhibitionist on social media, sharing every detail of her life.
5. The actor's over-the-top performances marked him as an exhibitionist.
6. The politician's extravagant speeches were a sign of an exhibitionist.
7. The fashion designer's bold creations matched her exhibitionist personality.
8. The rockstar's wild concerts showcased his inner exhibitionist.
9. The party host was known for being an exhibitionist, always in the limelight.
10. The daredevil's stunts displayed his fearless exhibitionist spirit.
11. The influencer's constant self-promotion revealed her as an exhibitionist.
12. His constant need for attention made him an exhibitionist at heart.
13. The talk show host thrived as an exhibitionist in the media world.
14. The author's candid memoir exposed her as an exhibitionist.
15. The athlete's extravagant celebrations made him an exhibitionist icon.
16. The magician's grand illusions were a testament to his exhibitionist talents.
17. The chef's culinary creations showcased his inner exhibitionist.
18. The CEO's flashy lifestyle hinted at his exhibitionist tendencies.
19. The artist's public art installations labeled him an exhibitionist visionary.
20. The exhibitionist at the party was wearing a revealing outfit that drew everyone's attention.
21. The performer was a notorious exhibitionist who always pushed the boundaries of acceptability.
22. The athlete was accused of being an exhibitionist for his flamboyant post-game celebrations.
23. The politician was accused of being an exhibitionist for his grandiose speeches and gestures.
24. The social media influencer was criticized for being an exhibitionist, constantly posting provocative photos for likes and follows.
25. The musician was known for being an exhibitionist on stage, often engaging in wild antics and stunts.
26. The comedian's humor often bordered on exhibitionism, as he shared intimate and embarrassing details from his personal life.
27. The millionaire's exhibitionist behavior included purchasing extravagant items like gold-plated cars and diamond-studded watches.
28. The actress was accused of being an exhibitionist for her frequent and revealing red carpet appearances.
29. The reality TV star was labeled an exhibitionist for her shameless self-promotion and attention-seeking behavior.
30. The writer's work was criticized for its exhibitionism, as it focused more on shock value and scandal than on substance or depth.



show-off, modest, unobtrusive, reserved


Suffix -ist, Discipline and Self-Control, Clarify and Elucidate, Energy and Vitality, Occasions and Occurrences, Demeanor and Bearing

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