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How to pronounce brevity (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'brevity'

The quality of being brief or concise, characterized by being short in duration, length, or expression.
"He spoke with brevity and precision, leaving no room for misinterpretation."

Detailed meaning of 'brevity'

When something is described as having brevity, it means it is succinct and to the point, containing only the essential information or elements without unnecessary elaboration or verbosity. Brevity is often valued for its ability to convey information or convey a message quickly and efficiently, making it an essential aspect of effective communication, whether in written or spoken form. It emphasizes the importance of clarity and economy of words, allowing for the efficient and straightforward expression of ideas or information without unnecessary wordiness or complexity. In essence, brevity is about conveying a message or idea with brevity and precision.

History and etymology of 'brevity'

The noun 'brevity' traces its origins to the Latin word 'brevitas,' which is derived from 'brevis,' meaning 'short' or 'brief.' The concept of brevity has long been valued in communication and expression, and this linguistic connection highlights its historical importance. 'Brevity' refers to the quality of being concise and to the point, often characterized by brevity in duration, length, or expression. Its etymology reflects the fundamental idea of succinctness and conciseness that the word embodies, emphasizing the value of conveying information or ideas in a brief and efficient manner.

Example sentences containing 'brevity'

1. The speaker's brevity left the audience wanting more.
2. She mastered the art of brevity in her storytelling.
3. Twitter enforces brevity with its character limit.
4. The report's brevity made it easy to digest.
5. The brevity of the meeting pleased everyone in attendance.
6. His emails are known for their brevity and directness.
7. The brevity of a moment can hold a lifetime of meaning.
8. He summarized the complex topic with remarkable brevity.
9. Brevity is a key attribute of effective communication.
10. The novel's brevity surprised readers accustomed to epic tales.
11. The recipe's brevity appealed to busy home cooks.
12. The message's brevity left room for interpretation.
13. A picture can capture a scene's brevity beautifully.
14. The article's brevity was a testament to the writer's skill.
15. Brevity in public speaking can keep the audience engaged.
16. The poet's brevity in words conveyed profound emotions.
17. His wit was sharpened by the brevity of his jokes.
18. Some find brevity in solitude and quiet reflection.
19. The meeting's brevity allowed for a productive day.



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