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How to pronounce bromide (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'bromide'

A trite or unoriginal statement, idea, or remark that lacks originality, creativity, or depth.
"Her advice was just another tired bromide we've all heard before."

Detailed Meaning of 'bromide'

It can also describe a commonplace or clichéd expression that has been overused to the point of losing its impact or meaning. This term is often used to criticize or dismiss ideas or statements that come across as uninspired or lacking in genuine thought or insight. In a broader sense, "bromide" can symbolize any repetitive or conventional element in language, art, or culture that fails to stimulate or engage due to its predictability and lack of novelty.

History and Etymology of 'bromide'

The noun 'bromide' has an interesting etymology that can be traced back to the element bromine. In the late 19th century, bromides were compounds containing bromine, which were sometimes used in medicine to calm nerves and reduce irritability. However, these compounds often had a sedative and dulling effect on those who consumed them. Over time, 'bromide' transitioned from being a reference to a chemical compound to a metaphor for something trite or unoriginal. In the early 20th century, it began to describe a trite or clichéd statement, idea, or remark that lacks originality, creativity, or depth. Thus, the etymology of 'bromide' reflects its historical association with substances that induce calmness and dullness, making it a fitting term for describing unoriginal and uninspiring expressions or thoughts.

Examples of 'bromide' in a Sentence

1. The bromide echoed, a cliché sentiment uttered one too many times before.
2. In the silence, a bromide lingered, reflecting a lack of original thought.
3. With every bromide, the audience's excitement faded into weary acknowledgment.
4. He was a master of the artful bromide, yet original thought eluded him.
5. A bromide marked the end of the debate, leaving the audience wholly unsatisfied.
6. His speech was filled with one bromide after another.
7. The book offers little more than the usual bromide about the key to happiness.
8. Instead of offering solutions, he provided a bland bromide.
9. The article was filled with the same old bromide, offering no fresh perspectives.
10. Every chapter began with a bromide masquerading as wisdom.
11. The bromide he gave was expected and unenlightening.
12. It’s disappointing to hear such a bromide from an acclaimed writer.
13. While some appreciated his talk, I found it to be a series of bromide without genuine insight.
14. In the midst of innovation, a bromide can stifle progress.
15. She has a knack for turning any bromide into a humorous quip.
16. The politician's address was merely a string of bromide without substance.
17. It's easier to resort to bromide than to think critically and deeply.
18. Sometimes, in a sea of ideas, the occasional bromide is a welcome breather.
19. The motivational speaker's bromide about "believing in oneself" hardly motivated anyone.
20. Why rely on bromide when there are so many original thoughts to explore?
21. Every self-help book seems to regurgitate the same bromide in a different package.
22. When asked for advice, he invariably offers some well-worn bromide.
23. The secret to original thinking is to avoid the lure of the common bromide.
24. In a world craving depth, it's crucial to see beyond the surface bromide.





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