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How to pronounce budding (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'budding'

In the early stages of development or growth, often with the potential to flourish or mature further in the future.
"The budding artist showed great promise with their first painting."

Detailed meaning of 'budding'

It conveys a sense of emergence or the beginning of a new phase. For example, a "budding artist" refers to someone who is just starting to explore their artistic talents and has the potential to become a skilled artist with time and practice. Similarly, a "budding entrepreneur" suggests someone who is at the initial stages of establishing a business or startup, showing promise and ambition in their endeavor. In essence, "budding" highlights the potential and promise of something as it starts to take root and grow.

History and etymology of 'budding'

The adjective 'budding' has its etymology rooted in the Old English word 'budd,' which referred to the small, undeveloped growth on a plant or tree from which leaves, flowers, or stems emerge. The term 'budding' describes something in the early stages of development or growth, often with the potential to flourish or mature further in the future, much like the tiny buds on plants that have the potential to blossom into flowers or leaves. It conveys the sense of promise and potential, reflecting its historical ties to the natural world and the idea of new growth and emergence. Today, 'budding' is used in various contexts to describe individuals, talents, or innovations that are in the early stages of development and hold promise for the future.

Example sentences containing 'budding'

1. Her budding passion for environmental activism led her to start a recycling program in her neighborhood.
2. The tech industry is always on the lookout for budding talent in coding and programming.
3. The scholarship aims to support budding scholars who have shown early promise in their academic pursuits.
4. The summer camp provided a space for budding artists to explore different mediums and develop their style.
5. He invested in a small, budding tech company that later became a giant in the industry.
6. The documentary featured several budding chefs who were pushing the boundaries of traditional cuisine.
7. The budding artist's talent shone through her early masterpieces.
8. A budding friendship, filled with potential, formed between them.
9. Our company actively supports budding entrepreneurs' innovative ideas.
10. The garden burst with color as countless budding flowers bloomed.
11. As a budding scientist, she's poised to make groundbreaking discoveries.
12. The team mentors and guides budding talents in the competitive industry.
13. With nervous excitement, the budding musician performed her first gig.
14. Startups in the budding stage require careful nurturing and guidance.
15. A budding romance can be both exhilarating and filled with uncertainty.
16. She passionately mentors budding writers, sharing her expertise.
17. The organization is committed to developing budding leaders.
18. His budding career in tech is gaining momentum and recognition.
19. The budding chef fearlessly experiments with new and daring flavors.
20. A budding interest in astronomy sparked late-night stargazing sessions.
21. Budding athletes dedicate countless hours to training for future competitions.
22. The garden is a serene haven for budding naturalists to explore.
23. Budding entrepreneurs are constantly seeking venture capital to grow.
24. Her journey in the world of acting began in humble community theater as a budding performer.
25. Budding musicians practice diligently, aiming for musical excellence.
26. The budding scientist aspires to leave an indelible mark through groundbreaking research in her field.



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