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How to pronounce bunting (audio)

Dictionary definition of bunting

A type of festive decoration commonly used in celebrations and special events.
"The colorful bunting fluttered in the breeze, adding a festive touch to the outdoor party."

Detailed meaning of bunting

It typically consists of a string or series of small, colorful flags or triangular pieces of fabric that are hung in a row. Bunting is often associated with joyous occasions such as birthdays, weddings, holidays, or sporting events, where it is used to add a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere to the surroundings. The flags or pieces of fabric are usually made from lightweight materials like paper, plastic, or cloth, and they are often adorned with patterns, designs, or thematic motifs that reflect the purpose or theme of the event. Bunting is a versatile decorative element that can be easily customized to suit various occasions, making it a popular choice for enhancing the visual appeal and creating a sense of festivity and merriment.

Example sentences of bunting

1. The children excitedly strung up bunting to decorate the classroom for the end-of-year celebration.
2. The town square was adorned with patriotic bunting in honor of Independence Day.
3. The wedding venue was transformed with elegant bunting, creating a romantic atmosphere.
4. Fans waved their team's bunting in the stands, showing their support during the championship game.
5. The street fair was lined with vendors selling handmade crafts and bunting for visitors to purchase.
6. As the parade passed by, spectators waved their flags and bunting, cheering and applauding.

History and etymology of bunting

The term 'bunting,' when used to describe festive decorations, has a colorful etymology. It finds its origins in the early 17th century and is thought to be related to the Old French word 'bontin,' meaning 'good little' or 'pretty.' This Old French term eventually evolved into 'buntin' in English, referring to a type of lightweight, colorful fabric used for making flags or decorations. The idea of adorning celebratory occasions with these vibrant materials became popular, and the term 'bunting' came to represent the festive decorations we often see at celebrations and special events today. Its etymology highlights the connection between beauty and celebration, as 'bunting' was originally associated with something 'pretty' or 'good little' used to enhance the atmosphere of joyous occasions.

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Further usage examples of bunting

1. The shopkeeper carefully folded the bunting and stored it for the next festive occasion.
2. The garden party was a delightful affair, with colorful bunting hung between trees and along the fence.
3. The school gymnasium was transformed into a magical wonderland with twinkling lights and bunting for the winter dance.
4. The bunting gently swayed as the summer breeze rustled through the backyard, creating a serene ambiance.
5. The historical buildings in the old town were beautifully adorned with vintage bunting, preserving their timeless charm.
6. The colorful bunting adorned the carnival booths.
7. They hung bunting to celebrate the national holiday.
8. The birthday party was decorated with festive bunting.
9. The street was lined with patriotic bunting for the parade.
10. The wedding reception featured delicate lace bunting.
11. The garden party was transformed with floral bunting.
12. The summer fair was decked out in vibrant bunting.
13. The school dance was enhanced by shimmering bunting.
14. The seaside festival had nautical-themed bunting.
15. The picnic area was decorated with cheerful bunting.
16. The vintage-themed party had retro fabric bunting.
17. The baby shower was adorned with pastel bunting.
18. The Christmas market displayed twinkling bunting.
19. The New Year's Eve party sparkled with metallic bunting.
20. The sports event had team-colored bunting throughout.
21. The county fair had rustic, country-style bunting.
22. The music festival featured psychedelic fabric bunting.
23. The grand opening had corporate logo bunting.
24. The anniversary celebration had elegant silk bunting.
25. The spring gala was draped in floral fabric bunting.



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