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How to pronounce captious (audio)

Dictionary definition of captious

Marked by an inclination to find fault or express judgment about things in a way that is petty or unreasonable.
"The captious critic gave a harsh and disparaging review of the teenage talent."

Detailed meaning of captious

It can also describe a person who is overly critical or nitpicky, especially in a way that is designed to be difficult or annoying. For example, a person who is constantly finding fault with others or who is always looking for ways to criticize might be described as being captious. A person who is nitpicky and overly critical in a way that is not helpful or constructive might also be seen as being captious. The term is often used to describe a person who is difficult to please or who is quick to find fault with others or with things.

Example sentences of captious

1. Her captious remarks during the meeting hindered constructive discussion.
2. He had a captious attitude, constantly criticizing others' efforts.
3. The captious customer complained about minor imperfections in the product.
4. The captious reviewer gave a one-star rating for trivial reasons.
5. His captious nature made it difficult to collaborate with him.
6. She had a captious eye for detail, often missing the bigger picture.

History and etymology of captious

The adjective 'captious' has an etymology rooted in Latin and Old French, reflecting its tendency to find fault or express unreasonable judgments. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'captiosus,' derived from 'captio,' which means 'a taking' or 'a seizing.' In Old French, it became 'captieux,' referring to a person who tends to seize upon or take hold of minor flaws or faults in a critical manner. 'Captious' now characterizes someone who has an inclination to find fault or express judgment about things in a petty or unreasonable way. Its etymology highlights the notion of seizing upon trivial issues and criticizing them excessively, often without sound reason or fairness.

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Further usage examples of captious

1. The captious editor slashed through the manuscript with red ink.
2. Captious coworkers made the office environment tense.
3. The captious judge scrutinized every aspect of the case.
4. Captious neighbors always found fault with the community's decisions.
5. The captious diner sent their meal back multiple times.
6. His captious remarks left the team feeling demoralized.
7. The captious critic dissected the film's flaws without acknowledging its strengths.
8. Captious individuals tend to focus on the negative aspects of situations.
9. The captious customer service representative aggravated callers.
10. She had a captious personality that strained relationships.
11. Captious feedback can be disheartening for artists and creators.
12. The captious parent demanded perfection from their child.
13. Captious students nitpicked the professor's teaching style.
14. The captious reviewer seemed impossible to please.
15. He maintained a captious demeanor, rarely offering praise.
16. The captious supervisor micromanaged every task.
17. Captious attitudes can hinder team collaboration and creativity.
18. Her captious comments cast a shadow over the celebration.
19. Dealing with captious people requires patience and empathy.



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