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How to pronounce caress (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'caress'

To touch or stroke someone or something in a gentle and affectionate motion.
"She let her fingers gently caress the soft petals of the rose."

Detailed Meaning of 'caress'

It involves using the hands or fingers to express care, tenderness, or fondness towards another person, an animal, or an object. When someone caresses, they apply a soft and soothing touch, often in a slow and deliberate manner, conveying warmth, comfort, or intimacy. Caressing is an act that can convey love, affection, or comfort, and it is often used to create a sense of connection, closeness, or reassurance. Whether it is a parent caressing a child's cheek, a lover gently caressing their partner's hand, or a person tenderly caressing a beloved pet, this act can communicate deep emotions and foster a sense of intimacy and well-being.

History and Etymology of 'caress'

The verb 'caress' has a tender etymology that can be traced back to the Latin language. It is derived from the Latin word 'carus,' which means 'dear' or 'beloved.' The act of 'caressing' originally implied showing affection or love to someone dear or beloved through gentle touch or stroke. Over time, as the word was adopted and adapted into various languages, it retained its association with gentle and affectionate touching. 'Caress' came to represent the loving and tender gestures of affection, highlighting the notion of showing fondness and care through physical contact. Its etymology beautifully underscores the intimate and loving nature of the actions it describes, emphasizing the cherished and beloved quality of the recipient.

Examples of 'caress' in a Sentence

1. As he held the letter, he allowed his fingers to caress the handwriting, feeling the grooves of ink.
2. Her eyes seemed to caress the landscape, drinking in its beauty.
3. The music seemed to caress my soul, lifting my spirits high.
4. She allowed the silk fabric to caress her skin as she tried on the dress.
5. He could feel the soft sand caress his bare feet as he walked along the beach.
6. His words were like a gentle caress, soothing my worries.
7. The soft waves seemed to caress the shoreline in an endless, rhythmic dance.
8. I watched the breeze caress the wind chime, creating a soft, harmonious sound.
9. Her fingers gently caressed the old photograph, a silent prayer on her lips.
10. The butterfly's wings appeared to caress the flower as it settled to sip nectar.
11. He let his gaze caress her face, memorizing each feature.
12. The aroma of freshly baked bread seemed to caress my senses, evoking childhood memories.
13. The moonlight seemed to caress the tranquil lake, setting the scene for a perfect evening.
14. He reached out to caress her cheek with a loving touch.
15. The soft breeze seemed to caress the leaves on the trees.
16. She couldn't resist the urge to caress the adorable puppy.
17. His fingers gently caressed the keys of the grand piano.
18. As the sun set, the warm colors seemed to caress the horizon.
19. They watched the waves caress the sandy shore on their beach vacation.
20. She closed her eyes and let the soothing music caress her soul.
21. The artist's brush seemed to caress the canvas with every stroke.
22. The silk sheets felt luxurious against their skin as they caressed each other.
23. The fragrance of the roses seemed to caress the air in the garden.
24. The cool, refreshing water seemed to caress their bodies as they swam.





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