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How to pronounce censorious (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'censorious'

Finding fault or severely criticizing, often in a moralizing or judgmental way.
"The critic wrote a censorious review urging others not to waste their money."

Detailed meaning of 'censorious'

It is characterized by a tendency to express harsh or severe disapproval, often motivated by a belief in the person's own moral superiority. The term can also refer to the act of censoring or suppressing something, as in restricting the freedom of speech or expression. An example of a sentence using the word censorious would be "The censorious teacher found fault with every student's work, leaving them feeling discouraged."

History and etymology of 'censorious'

The adjective 'censorious' has an etymology rooted in the act of criticism and judgment. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'censorius,' which was derived from 'censor,' the title of a Roman magistrate responsible for conducting the census and maintaining public morality. In ancient Rome, 'censors' had the authority to assess the moral conduct of citizens. Over time, 'censorious' emerged in English to describe individuals who are excessively critical, often in a moralizing or judgmental way. This adjective conveys a sense of self-righteousness and a tendency to find fault or pass judgment on others. Its etymology reflects the historical connection between the role of censors in assessing public morality and the inclination to criticize and pass moral judgments that 'censorious' individuals may exhibit.

Example sentences containing 'censorious'

1. The censorious preacher condemned modern society.
2. Censorious remarks erode team morale and trust.
3. The censorious parent micromanaged every decision.
4. Her censorious tone soured the family gathering.
5. Censorious peers judged his choices harshly.
6. The censorious editor shredded the manuscript.
7. Censorious neighbors disapproved of the renovations.
8. The censorious pundit criticized the politician's actions.
9. Censorious comments on social media fuel conflicts.
10. Censorious in-laws found fault with the wedding plans.
11. The censorious boss rarely acknowledged hard work.
12. Censorious friends constantly questioned their choices.
13. He faced censorious elders' disapproval of his marriage.
14. The censorious critic devalued the artist's work.
15. Censorious remarks can harm self-esteem and confidence.
16. The censorious judge handed down harsh sentences.
17. Censorious attitudes hinder open communication.
18. Dealing with censorious individuals requires patience.
19. The censorious classmate belittled others' achievements.



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