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How to pronounce certified (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'certified'

Having been officially recognized, verified, or confirmed as meeting specific standards or requirements.
"The doctor is a certified specialist in neurology."

Detailed meaning of 'certified'

When an entity or individual is certified, it signifies that they have undergone a formal process of evaluation, assessment, or training and have successfully met the established criteria or benchmarks. Certification serves as a reliable indication of expertise, competence, or compliance within a particular field, profession, or area of knowledge. It signifies that the certified entity or individual has demonstrated a level of skill, knowledge, or proficiency that meets or exceeds the established standards set by a governing body, organization, or regulatory authority. Being certified instills confidence and trust, as it assures others that the certified entity or individual has undergone a rigorous evaluation and is qualified to perform specific tasks, provide certain services, or meet specific quality standards.

History and etymology of 'certified'

The adjective 'certified' has an etymology rooted in the Latin language. It is derived from the Latin word 'certificatus,' which is the past participle of 'certificare,' meaning 'to make certain' or 'to assure.' In essence, 'certified' describes something that has been officially recognized, verified, or confirmed as meeting specific standards or requirements, thereby assuring its quality, authenticity, or compliance. This term is commonly used in various contexts, from certifications for professionals to product quality assurances, and it emphasizes the importance of official verification and confirmation in guaranteeing the reliability and authenticity of something. The etymology of 'certified' reflects its fundamental role in assuring and validating the legitimacy and quality of various aspects of our lives.

Example sentences containing 'certified'

1. The chef's culinary skills were certified by a prestigious culinary institute.
2. The project manager is a certified expert in agile project management.
3. The document was notarized and certified for legal purposes.
4. The dog completed a certified therapy training program and brought comfort to many people.
5. The computer technician is a certified Microsoft professional.
6. The hotel's spa offers certified organic skincare products for its guests.
7. He is a certified expert in cybersecurity.
8. The chef's skills are certified by top culinary schools.
9. Only a certified mechanic should service your car.
10. She's a certified yoga instructor with years of experience.
11. Our team includes certified financial analysts.
12. The product is certified safe for children.
13. The document is certified as authentic.
14. The company hires only certified professionals.
15. His skills are certified through rigorous testing.
16. We offer certified organic products.
17. The doctor is certified in multiple medical specialties.
18. The software has been certified for compatibility.
19. He's a certified lifeguard at the local pool.
20. The building is certified as earthquake-resistant.
21. She's a certified translator for multiple languages.
22. Our team includes certified public accountants.
23. The training program is certified by industry experts.
24. The organization is certified as a non-profit.
25. The coffee beans are certified fair trade.
26. She's a certified nurse with a compassionate bedside manner.



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