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How to pronounce channel (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'channel'

A pathway, passage, or route through which something flows or is transmitted.
"The boat navigated through the narrow channel of the river."

Detailed meaning of 'channel'

It can represent a physical or metaphorical conduit that allows the movement, transfer, or distribution of various substances, information, energy, or emotions. In a literal sense, a channel can refer to a natural or man-made waterway, such as a river or canal, that allows the flow of water. It can also denote a specific frequency or band used for broadcasting television or radio signals. Metaphorically, a channel can describe a means or method through which communication, ideas, or creativity are expressed, such as an artist's channel of expression. Furthermore, a channel can represent a particular medium or platform for conveying information or content, such as a social media channel or a news channel. It can also describe a course of action or behavior, as in "finding a positive channel for one's emotions." Overall, the noun 'channel' conveys the notion of a pathway or vehicle that enables the flow or transmission of something tangible or intangible.

History and etymology of 'channel'

The noun 'channel' has a maritime etymology deeply rooted in Old English and Latin. It is derived from the Old English word 'canel,' which meant 'a water channel' or 'a pipe.' This Old English term was influenced by the Latin word 'canna,' which signified 'a pipe' or 'a tube.' Over time, the word 'channel' expanded in meaning to describe not only waterways or passages for liquids but also pathways, passages, or routes through which something flows or is transmitted. Whether it's a television channel transmitting signals or a natural channel directing the flow of water, the etymology of 'channel' highlights the concept of a conduit or pathway guiding the movement or transmission of substances or information.

Example sentences containing 'channel'

1. The company established a communication channel for employees to share feedback.
2. The news channel provided live coverage of the event.
3. The YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and features a variety of content.
4. The electrician inspected the wiring in the electrical channel of the building.
5. The irrigation system ensured water reached each channel in the field for efficient crop growth.
6. The river carved a deep channel through the canyon.
7. Change the channel; this show doesn't interest me.
8. The channel carried the ship safely to port.
9. The news channel reported on the breaking story.
10. She tuned into the music channel on the radio.
11. The irrigation channel directed water to the fields.
12. The YouTube channel has millions of subscribers.
13. The narrow channel made navigation tricky.
14. They communicated through a secure channel.
15. The channel of communication was clear.
16. The internet is a vast information channel.
17. The shipping channel was busy with vessels.
18. They swam through the underwater channel.
19. The channel is known for its wildlife documentaries.
20. The channel between the islands is treacherous.
21. The channel on the TV was full of static.
22. She changed her career path and followed a new channel.
23. The channel of thoughts in her mind flowed freely.
24. The mountain pass was a natural channel.
25. The channel on the radio was playing her favorite song.



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