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How to pronounce character (audio)

Dictionary definition of character

A person's moral and ethical qualities, their integrity, and the distinctive attributes that define who they are as a human being.
"The protagonist of the novel had a compelling and complex character."

Detailed meaning of character

It encompasses a person's values, beliefs, attitudes, and behavior patterns, reflecting their individuality and shaping their interactions with others.

A character also refers to a person portrayed in a work of fiction, such as a novel, play, or film. These characters are typically created by authors or screenwriters and serve as the focal point of the narrative, driving the plot forward through their actions, thoughts, and interactions with others. Characters can be complex and developed, with unique personalities, motivations, and traits that shape their behavior and decisions within the story.

Additionally, in the field of typography and printing, the term "character" refers to any symbol or glyph used to represent letters, numbers, punctuation marks, or other written symbols in written or printed text.

Example sentences of character

1. The actor portrayed the villain with great depth, bringing the character to life.
2. The detective's sharp wit and keen observation skills were key aspects of her character.
3. Honesty and integrity are important traits that contribute to a person's character.
4. The film showcased a diverse range of characters from different backgrounds.
5. The author skillfully developed the protagonist's character arc throughout the story.
6. The teacher emphasized the importance of building good character in her students.

History and etymology of character

The noun 'character' has a fascinating etymology with origins in ancient Greek. It is derived from the Greek word 'kharaktēr,' which originally meant 'a stamping tool' or 'an engraved mark.' In ancient times, 'kharaktēr' was used to describe a distinctive mark or symbol, often used for branding or engraving. Over time, the term evolved to include the idea of the distinctive attributes that define an individual's identity or personality. In this sense, a person's 'character' came to refer to their moral and ethical qualities, their integrity, and the unique features that make them who they are. The etymology of 'character' underscores the historical association between marking or engraving and the idea of an individual's distinct qualities and identity, emphasizing the enduring importance of character in understanding human nature and behavior.

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Further usage examples of character

1. The play featured a memorable cast of characters, each with their own unique quirks.
2. The artist's paintings reflected her vibrant and imaginative character.
3. The politician's questionable actions raised doubts about his character.
4. In video games, players can customize their character's appearance and abilities.
5. The handwriting was so illegible that even the most experienced reader struggled to recognize the characters.
6. Her strong character is evident in her actions.
7. Integrity is a vital aspect of one's character.
8. Honesty is a hallmark of a person's character.
9. Developing good character is a lifelong endeavor.
10. His kind character shines through in his deeds.
11. A person's character is revealed in times of adversity.
12. She has a compassionate and caring character.
13. Resilience is an important trait of character.
14. Character is formed through life experiences.
15. His character was tested in the face of temptation.
16. Building a strong character requires self-awareness.
17. A strong moral character is admirable.
18. The novel explores the complexity of human character.
19. She is known for her unwavering moral character.
20. His character is a blend of strength and kindness.
21. Moral character often influences one's decisions.
22. Her character is defined by her actions, not words.
23. Courage is an essential element of character.
24. A person's character can evolve over time.
25. The film's characters reflect the human condition.



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