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How to pronounce spirit (audio)

Dictionary definition of spirit

The non-physical essence or energy that is often associated with consciousness, personality, and emotions.
"The team played with great spirit and determination, refusing to give up."

Detailed meaning of spirit

It represents the innermost nature or character of a person, object, or entity. Spirit is often thought of as the intangible aspect that gives life, vitality, and individuality to living beings. It is the intangible force that animates and drives actions, thoughts, and emotions. "Spirit" can also refer to a supernatural being or entity, such as a ghost or soul. It carries connotations of transcendence, immateriality, and a connection to something beyond the physical realm. Additionally, "spirit" can describe a particular mood, atmosphere, or attitude, as in the case of the festive spirit during holidays or the competitive spirit in sports. It encompasses the essence of being, encompassing both the tangible and intangible aspects that define an entity's existence.

Example sentences containing spirit

1. The old house was rumored to be haunted by the spirit of a restless ghost.
2. The holiday season brought a festive spirit to the town, with colorful decorations and joyful celebrations.
3. The athlete's winning performance lifted the spirits of the entire team.
4. The painting captured the ethereal spirit of the landscape, evoking a sense of peace and tranquility.
5. The speaker's words resonated with the audience, inspiring a spirit of unity and hope.
6. The campfire crackled, casting dancing shadows that added to the spooky spirit of the ghost stories.

History and etymology of spirit

The noun 'spirit' has a rich etymological history, originating from the Latin word 'spiritus,' which meant 'breath' or 'wind.' In ancient belief systems, the act of breathing was closely connected to the concept of life force and consciousness. Over time, this Latin term expanded in meaning to encompass the non-physical essence or energy often associated with consciousness, personality, and emotions. In various cultures and philosophical traditions, 'spirit' has been used to describe the intangible aspect of human existence, representing the inner vitality, character, and emotional depth that define an individual. The term 'spirit' continues to play a significant role in discussions of metaphysics, religion, and psychology, symbolizing the enduring mystery of the human psyche and the essence of what it means to be alive.

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Further usage examples of spirit

1. The community came together in the spirit of compassion to support those affected by the natural disaster.
2. The dancer moved with grace and an otherworldly spirit, captivating the audience.
3. The book conveyed the spirit of adventure, taking readers on a thrilling journey to unknown lands.
4. The art exhibition showcased the creative spirit of the artists, displaying a diverse range of styles and expressions.
5. The team's victory ignited a spirit of celebration and joy among their passionate fans.
6. Her indomitable spirit inspired everyone around her.
7. Meditation can help you connect with your inner spirit.
8. The team's unity and spirit led to their victory.
9. The haunting spirit of the forest intrigued adventurous souls.
10. He approached life with an unwavering spirit of optimism.
11. Art has the power to capture the human spirit.
12. In times of adversity, our spirit is truly tested.
13. The ancient temple was said to house the spirit of a deity.
14. Laughter is the best medicine for lifting one's spirit.
15. The ghostly spirit seemed to linger in the old mansion.
16. Her generosity reflected the true spirit of the holiday season.
17. The explorer felt a deep connection to the wilderness spirit.
18. The musician poured his heart and spirit into the performance.
19. A sense of adventure and wanderlust filled her spirit.
20. The spirit of innovation drove the company's success.
21. She felt a kindred spirit with the wounded animals she cared for.
22. The ancient legend spoke of a guardian spirit protecting the village.
23. Music has the power to touch the deepest recesses of the spirit.
24. The book's message resonated with readers on a spiritual level.
25. The spirit of resilience carried him through life's challenges.



soul, physicality, body, corporeality


High School 9, Middle School 10, Mysticism and Spirituality

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