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How to pronounce charming (audio)

Dictionary definition of charming

Pleasing and attractive in nature.
"The city is charming with its narrow streets and old buildings."

Detailed meaning of charming

It refers to a quality that captures the imagination and wins the hearts of others. A charming person is often considered warm, friendly, and engaging, with a personality that draws people towards them. In a broader sense, anything can be described as charming if it has an appealing quality that delights others. For instance, a charming smile, a charming story, a charming gesture, a charming landscape, or a charming piece of music can all be described as having a captivating and delightful appeal. The term "charming" is often used to evoke a feeling of warmth, happiness, and satisfaction, and it is often associated with positive experiences and memories.

Example sentences of charming

1. The city is charming with its narrow streets and old buildings.
2. He has a charming personality and always makes people feel at ease.
3. She was wearing a charming dress that caught everyone's attention.
4. The village is charming with its picturesque views and friendly residents.
5. He has a charming way of telling stories that keeps everyone entertained.
6. She has a charming smile that lights up her face.

History and etymology of charming

The adjective 'charming' is directly related to the noun 'charm.' As discussed earlier, 'charm' has its roots in Latin and Old French, originally signifying a magical quality often associated with songs or incantations. Over time, 'charming' emerged as an adjective to describe people, objects, or situations that possess qualities that are pleasing and attractive in nature. A 'charming' person is often seen as someone who exudes an enchanting or magnetic quality, while a 'charming' place or thing is delightful and endearing. The etymology of 'charming' reflects its close connection to the concept of charm, emphasizing the appeal and attractiveness of that which is described as charming.

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Further usage examples of charming

1. The garden is charming with its colorful flowers and peaceful atmosphere.
2. He has a charming accent that makes him sound very attractive.
3. She has a charming way of making everyone feel special.
4. The small cottage is charming with its rustic decor and cozy atmosphere.
5. He has a charming sense of humor that makes him popular among his peers.
6. She has a charming demeanor that makes her easy to talk to.
7. The quaint cottage had a charming rustic appeal.
8. Her charming smile lit up the room.
9. They stayed in a charming bed-and-breakfast in the countryside.
10. The historic town is known for its charming architecture.
11. The movie's charming protagonist won hearts worldwide.
12. The coastal village had a charming seaside ambiance.
13. His charming personality made him popular among colleagues.
14. A charming garden adorned the backyard of the house.
15. The charming melody of the piano resonated through the hall.
16. The charming cafe had a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
17. She found his witty humor quite charming.
18. The charming little shop sold handmade crafts.
19. Their charming wedding ceremony was a joyous occasion.
20. The book's charming illustrations captivated young readers.
21. The charming old bookstore had a vast collection of novels.
22. The charming mountain town was a peaceful getaway.
23. The charming town square bustled with activity.
24. The charming inn offered a tranquil retreat in the mountains.
25. The charming storybook characters came to life on stage.
26. A charming sunset painted the sky with vivid hues.


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