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How to pronounce lovely (audio)

Dictionary definition of lovely

Beautiful, charming, or delightful in a pleasing and appealing way.
"She wore a lovely dress to the party, catching everyone's attention."

Detailed meaning of lovely

It conveys a sense of warmth, attractiveness, and aesthetic appeal. When applied to a person, 'lovely' suggests a combination of physical beauty and a pleasing personality. It can describe someone who is kind, gentle, and possesses a graceful demeanor. In terms of objects or things, 'lovely' indicates an object or quality that brings joy, admiration, or a sense of pleasure. It can refer to a pleasant fragrance, a picturesque view, a well-designed piece of art, or any other element that evokes a positive and uplifting emotion. 'Lovely' carries a connotation of positivity and admiration, often eliciting feelings of affection, admiration, or fondness. Overall, 'lovely' is a term used to describe something or someone that is visually appealing, charming, and capable of inspiring positive emotions.

Example sentences containing lovely

1. The flowers in the garden emitted a lovely fragrance.
2. They enjoyed a lovely evening stroll along the beach.
3. The newlyweds exchanged vows in a lovely outdoor ceremony.
4. He gave her a lovely compliment that made her smile.
5. The sun set over the horizon, painting the sky in lovely hues of pink and orange.
6. They enjoyed a lovely picnic in the park, surrounded by nature's beauty.

History and etymology of lovely

The term 'lovely' finds its origins in the Middle English word 'lufli,' which emerged in the 14th century. This Middle English adjective was derived from the Old English word 'luflic,' where 'luf' meant 'love' and 'lic' denoted 'body' or 'form.' Therefore, the etymology of 'lovely' can be traced back to the idea of having a pleasing or desirable form or appearance that is akin to something one might love or hold affection for. Over time, the word evolved to encompass a broader sense of beauty, charm, or delight, describing things that are pleasing and appealing in an endearing way.

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Further usage examples of lovely

1. She received a lovely gift from her best friend on her birthday.
2. The children's laughter filled the air, creating a lovely atmosphere.
3. They had a lovely conversation over a cup of coffee.
4. The cozy cottage had a lovely fireplace, perfect for chilly evenings.
5. The host greeted their guests with a lovely smile, making everyone feel welcome.
6. The garden was filled with lovely, vibrant flowers.
7. She had a lovely smile that could brighten anyone's day.
8. The sunset over the ocean was absolutely lovely.
9. They enjoyed a lovely picnic in the park.
10. The quaint cottage had a lovely, rustic charm.
11. Her dress was a lovely shade of emerald green.
12. The countryside offered lovely, picturesque views.
13. They shared a lovely, intimate dinner by candlelight.
14. The fragrance of roses in the air was simply lovely.
15. The old bookstore had a lovely, nostalgic atmosphere.
16. Their wedding was a lovely, joyous celebration.
17. The children's laughter filled the air with a lovely sound.
18. The quaint little village was a lovely place to visit.
19. The melody of the song was absolutely lovely.
20. The cozy fireplace created a lovely, warm ambiance.
21. The beach had lovely, powdery white sand.
22. She had a lovely, soothing voice that calmed everyone.
23. The vintage car had a lovely, classic design.
24. The cottage had a lovely, inviting porch.
25. Their conversation was filled with lovely anecdotes.



delightful, unattractive, repulsive, hideous


TOEFL 10, Beauty and Appearance, Aesthetic and Appearance

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