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How to pronounce chasm (audio)

Dictionary definition of chasm

A deep and steep-sided gap or abyss, typically formed by the separation of land or rock.
"There was an unbridgeable chasm between their political ideologies."

Detailed meaning of chasm

It denotes a significant and often dramatic division or rift between two areas, objects, or concepts. A chasm is characterized by its depth and width, creating a substantial void or barrier that is difficult to traverse or bridge. It can occur naturally, such as in the case of a deep canyon carved by erosion or a crevasse in a glacier. Metaphorically, a chasm represents a profound or irreconcilable difference between two things, indicating a significant gap in understanding, beliefs, or perspectives. It conveys a sense of separation, distance, or incompatibility that hinders connection or communication. The presence of a chasm signifies a substantial divide that requires considerable effort, understanding, or compromise to overcome.

Example sentences of chasm

1. The hikers cautiously crossed the narrow chasm on the rope bridge.
2. The diver leaped fearlessly into the deep chasm of the ocean.
3. The team faced a significant chasm in skill level compared to their opponents.
4. The earthquake created a massive chasm in the ground, splitting the landscape in two.
5. Their conflicting values and beliefs created an emotional chasm between them.
6. The adventurers marveled at the breathtaking chasm in the Grand Canyon.

History and etymology of chasm

The noun 'chasm' has an etymology rooted in Greek and Latin. It is derived from the Greek word 'khasma,' which means 'a gaping hole' or 'a gulf.' This Greek term, in turn, was influenced by the Latin word 'chasma,' with a similar meaning of 'a gap' or 'a fissure.' 'Chasm' is used to describe a deep and steep-sided gap or abyss, often formed by the separation of land or rock. It signifies a profound and dramatic void that can be both awe-inspiring and treacherous. The etymology of 'chasm' reflects its historical association with natural features and geological formations, emphasizing the deep, gaping nature of these clefts or gaps in the earth's surface.

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Further usage examples of chasm

1. The project team struggled to bridge the communication chasm between different departments.
2. The novel explored the emotional chasms between family members torn apart by tragedy.
3. The chasm in their relationship grew wider with each passing day.
4. The climbers used ropes and harnesses to cross the treacherous chasm in the mountain range.
5. The artist's painting depicted a surreal landscape with floating chasms and endless voids.
6. The hikers peered into the chasm with awe.
7. A narrow bridge spanned the treacherous chasm.
8. The chasm between the two cliffs was intimidating.
9. The geologists marveled at the canyon's chasm.
10. They navigated the chasm with caution.
11. A chasm separates the two opposing ideologies.
12. The chasm appeared bottomless from their vantage point.
13. Crossing the chasm required a leap of faith.
14. The chasm's depth was a geological wonder.
15. The river carved a deep chasm through the valley.
16. A rickety bridge spanned the perilous chasm.
17. The explorers descended into the ominous chasm.
18. A mist hung low over the chasm in the morning.
19. The map marked the location of the hidden chasm.
20. They peered down into the yawning chasm.
21. The chasm's walls were sheer and foreboding.
22. The bridge extended over the chasm's gaping maw.
23. The chasm served as a natural barrier.
24. The chasm was a testament to the earth's power.
25. Crossing the chasm was a metaphor for their journey.


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