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How to pronounce chauvinist (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'chauvinist'

A person displaying excessive or prejudiced belief in the superiority or dominance of their own cause or group.
"The chauvinist saw no merit in other cultures' traditions."

Detailed Meaning of 'chauvinist'

For example, a man who believes that men are superior to women and who treats women unfairly or disrespectfully might be described as a chauvinist. A person who is prejudiced against people of a certain race or nationality and who treats them unfairly or with contempt might also be seen as a chauvinist. The term is often used to describe a person who is narrow-minded and who is unable or unwilling to see the value or worth of people who are different from themselves.

History and Etymology of 'chauvinist'

The noun 'chauvinist' has an interesting etymology linked to the French Revolution. It is derived from the name of a French soldier named Nicolas Chauvin, who was known for his excessive and unwavering loyalty to Napoleon Bonaparte. He was portrayed as a caricature of extreme patriotism and devotion to his leader, to the point of fanaticism. In the early 19th century, French playwrights began to use the character 'Chauvin' in their works to represent an exaggerated and blind loyalty to one's own cause or group. Over time, this term was adopted into English, and 'chauvinist' came to describe a person who displays excessive or prejudiced belief in the superiority or dominance of their own cause, group, or gender. Today, 'chauvinist' is commonly used to refer to individuals who exhibit bias or discrimination based on a perceived superiority of their own group over others, particularly in gender or cultural contexts.

Examples of 'chauvinist' in a Sentence

1. She confronted the chauvinist and challenged his sexist remarks.
2. The political candidate was accused of being a chauvinist due to his derogatory comments.
3. Chauvinists often resist efforts to promote gender equality.
4. The chauvinist's attitudes reflected a deep-seated bias against women.
5. Gender equality workshops were held to address the issue of chauvinism in the workplace.
6. The chauvinist's views on gender roles were firmly rooted in the past.
7. He displayed chauvinistic behavior by constantly interrupting his female colleagues.
8. The chauvinist's remarks were met with a chorus of disapproval from the audience.
9. The organization had a zero-tolerance policy for chauvinism and discrimination.
10. The chauvinist's outdated beliefs were out of touch with modern society.
11. She refused to tolerate any form of chauvinism in her relationships.
12. Chauvinists often underestimate the abilities and contributions of women.
13. The chauvinist's comments only served to reinforce harmful stereotypes.
14. Society has made progress in challenging chauvinism, but there is still work to be done.





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