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How to pronounce bigot (audio)

Dictionary definition of bigot

A person who holds prejudiced views towards people who belong to a particular group, such as a different race, religion, or cultural background.
"He was a bigot who had no tolerance for people of different religions."

Detailed meaning of bigot

Bigotry is often characterized by a refusal to accept or tolerate the beliefs, practices, or opinions of others, and an insistence on one's own superiority or rightness. Bigots may engage in discriminatory or hateful behavior towards those they view as different, and their actions can cause harm, exclusion, and marginalization. Overcoming bigotry requires a willingness to listen and learn from others, challenge one's own assumptions and biases, and embrace the diversity and complexity of human experiences.

Example sentences of bigot

1. Society must confront the harm caused by a bigot's prejudice.
2. Prejudice and discrimination are traits often associated with a bigot.
3. It's important to challenge the harmful beliefs of a bigot.
4. A bigot's narrow-mindedness can lead to social division.
5. Bigotry prevents individuals from embracing diversity.
6. A bigot's views can perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

History and etymology of bigot

The noun 'bigot' has an etymology rooted in religious history. It originated in medieval France and was used to describe a person who was excessively or blindly devoted to their religious beliefs. The term 'bigot' comes from the Old French word 'bigot,' which was a derogatory term used to describe religious hypocrites or zealots. Its exact origin is uncertain, but it might have been influenced by the Old Germanic term 'biot,' meaning 'a dwelling' or 'a habitation,' suggesting a narrow-minded focus on one's own beliefs to the exclusion of others. Over time, the term 'bigot' broadened its meaning to refer to individuals who hold prejudiced views and exhibit intolerance toward people who belong to a particular group, such as a different race, religion, or cultural background. Today, it signifies someone who displays narrow-minded and intolerant attitudes, especially towards those with differing beliefs or characteristics.

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Further usage examples of bigot

1. Tolerance and understanding can counteract the impact of a bigot.
2. Bigotry has no place in a just and inclusive society.
3. Confronting a bigot's prejudice requires empathy and education.
4. Discrimination based on prejudice is unjust and harmful.
5. A bigot's bias can harm marginalized communities.
6. Promoting tolerance and respect can help combat the influence of a bigot.
7. The man was exposed as a bigot when he made discriminatory comments during a community meeting.
8. Society has no place for a bigot who refuses to accept the diversity of human existence.
9. The principal took action against the teacher who was found to be a bigot, fostering prejudice in the classroom.
10. The politician lost support when his constituents realized he was a bigot, unwilling to represent all members of the community.
11. The film depicted the transformation of the main character from a bigot to an advocate for equality and acceptance.
12. The company dismissed an employee for his bigot tendencies, which were causing tension among colleagues.
13. It is important to educate children early on about the harm that a bigot can cause to society.
14. The community united against the bigot who was trying to spread hate and division.
15. The group of friends distanced themselves from Paul when they discovered he was a bigot.
16. Being a bigot is incompatible with the values of inclusiveness and respect for diversity.
17. The writer used the character of a bigot in her novel to highlight the social issues of her time.
18. The history lesson focused on how society has evolved and made progress in combating the attitudes of the bigot.



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